b'52 LGA FUELINGThe new Terminal B ramp hydrant system is a precursor to construction of an airport-wide hydrant system by airline consortium LGA Fuel LLC. aboveground isolation valve stations, that it has used in similarall the electrical components are explosion proof class 1, Div1/circumstances at other airports.Zone 1 rated. When Argus engineers evaluated the situation at LGA, theyBeyond the safety benefits, bringing the piping and isolation determined this was the way to go. The new Terminal B systemvalves into an aboveground situation makes it much easier to employs two precast concrete-reinforced structures that housemaintain, helping to ensure that the system will work properly aboveground isolation valve stations and surge suppressionwhen its needed. Youre able to routinely get eyes on certain stations. The structures, each the size of a shipping container, arecomponents of the system to make sure there are no issues with located near the point where the terminal ramp hydrant systemsit, says Cattouse. connect to the airport wide hydrant system.Johnke agrees that the aboveground isolation valve stations Unlike many airports with more space around their terminals,at Terminal B will be a game-changer for operations and LGA is extremely congested. The pre-cast enclosures of themaintenance. If you provide a good environment for the aboveground isolation valve stations address this situationmaintainers and operators, they will do a better job of maintaining by providing four-hour fire separation from the terminal. Theand operating the system, he reasons. associated fire rating for each enclosure is maintained by using four-hour-rated fire shutter overhead doors and four-hour fire- Safer Fueling Operationsrated man doors. In the unlikely event of a fire, the fire would beIntegrating and improving safety was a high priority throughout contained within the structure. The interiors of these spaces arethe project. To that end, in addition to aboveground isolation valve consequently not considered confined spaces, which eliminatesstations, the hydrant system includes an EFSO system with EFSO the need for confined space entry procedures. For added safety, November | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'