b'RUNWAYS VNY63Fortunately, I already had a good rapport with most of theOne VNY tenant especially interested in the prompt reopening stakeholders, since I have been based at VNY since 2009, Longof 16R-34L was the Los Angeles County Fire Department, comments. Our design team, as well as several employees ofbecause it keeps at least two super scooper aircraft at VNY LAWA, regularly interfaced with the tenants.during the fire season (typically August through December). Prior Knowing that closing Runway 16R-34L would have theto departure, these aircraft fill with water from the airports two greater impact of the two projects, HNTB and airport officialshydrants designated for this purpose, and therefore need all of conducted several meetings to discuss the most efficient waythe runways 8,000 feet to take off. As it turns out, the 2022 fire to operate when that runway had to be closed. We learnedseason started early, with some blazes igniting near the airport in from our stakeholders that the airport is busiest from Thursdayearly September.afternoons through Monday mornings, Long says. Then theWith work on both runways finished in early September, number of operations drops significantly from Monday afternoonsErbacci has received compliments from many tenants and regular through Thursday mornings. Airport officials and the stakeholdersairport users. The new LED lights have improved visibility for all eventually agreed that the best option was to implement the twopilots, but they are especially helpful for first responders based 56-hour closures during this slow period. at VNY and student pilots who use Runway 16L-34R for flight In the end, nearly all of the airports 200 stakeholders weretraining. satisfied with the construction plan. Some of our clients with largerThe brighter lights, as well as the nice, smooth black asphalt corporate jets needed the length of 16R-34L, but in most casessurface and the white paint markings, have made both runways they were able to adjust their schedules to fly during the day,safer for all operators, Erbacci concludes. Erbacci says. When we had to close 16R-34L for the 56-hour construction periods, they had enough advance warning to adjust. However, some did have to move over to Burbank Airport or LAX if they had to operate during those closure periods.#1water blasting choice for airportsrubber removal, paint removal, paint rejuvenation, terminal cleaningthree 16 spray bars under one shroud grind only or water blast onlysh24 can house 3 triple spray bars grind + water blast simultaneouslyperfect for pavement retexturing uses half of the required waterfits most stripe hog models www.TheHog.com removes markings twice as fastAirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'