b'22 Philadelphia Intl is Updatingand MonetizingPHL | PNE INFO TECHNOLOGYIts Information Technology NetworkBY SCOTT BERMANFACTS&FIGURES Project: Network Modernization Locations: Philadelphia Intl Airport (PHL); Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE)PHL Annual Passengers: 9.8 million PNE Annual Aircraft Operations: 38,000Project Cost: $6 millionTimeline: 2020-2024 Philadelphia International AirportThe $6 million project Strategy: Create & own seamless, standardized IT(PHL) has embarked on ais formally named the network that optimizes the passenger experience andcomprehensive program to take itsPhiladelphia Airports carrier & tenant services; recoup project expenses &information technology (IT) network far intoNetwork Modernization create revenue stream by charging tenants to use newthe future. The vision is to create and own aProgram because it also network seamless, standardized network that optimizesapplies to Northeast General Contractor: WSP USA the passenger experience and providesPhiladelphia Airport Distributed Antenna System: Slice Wirelessefficient service for carriers and tenants. If all(PNE), which focusesALLEN MEHTASolutions goes according to plan, the new network willon general aviation Project Management for Constructioneventually produce additional revenue.business. The comprehensive plan includes Administration: Arora Engineers LLC To turn the vision into reality, PHL isupdating communications rooms to support Passive Network Infrastructure Assessmentsupplementing its internal IT team witha new IT infrastructure for both updated and & Design; Active Network Infrastructureoutside consultant WSP USA and fivestill-emerging technologies. Mehta points Support: Moye Consulting out that the results will include a new neutral local subcontractors. What the airport IT Master Planning, Wireless Assessmentdoesnt have is a crystal ball to predict howhost distributed antenna system to support & Design; Data & Cyber Security Support:technology and the industry will change. Butthe next generations of Wi-Fi and cellular, a The JW Group resilient network that can resist a disaster Architectural Support: Sowinski Sullivanthat doesnt phase PHL Chief Informationand will enable business continuity protocols. Architects Officer Allen Mehta, who is spearheading the project. Mehta knows that surprises areAnother key component is developing ways Disaster Recovery Services Planninglikely, and is prepared to face them.to generate revenue from those services. Support: UAO ConsultingNovember | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'