b'TERMINALSPDX 9FACTS&FIGURES Project: New Wooden Roof Location: Portland (OR) Intl AirportSize: 392,000 sq. ft.Cost: $125 millionFunding: Airlines; passenger facility charge revenue; FAA PHOTO: Courtesy of ZGF Architectsinfrastructure grantRoof Construction & Assembly: Feb. 2021end of 2022 (estimated completion)Key Components: Dimensional wood, glulam, mass plywood, steel girdersGeneral Contractor: Hoffman Skanska Joint VentureArchitect: ZGF ArchitectsMass Timber Subcontractor: SwinertonMass Timber Fabricator: TimberlabThe airport currently has shear wallsthe $2.15 billion PDX Next program. TheMass Timber Manufacturers: Calvert; Freres; Zip-O-and columns, which has hindered the Portoverall series of remodeling projects isLaminatorsfrom adapting the facility to the changingdesigned to update the airport with PacificAviation Planning Consultant: Arupneeds of passengers. Building a roof firstNorthwest-inspired architecture, localStructural Engineering: KPFF Consulting Engineersand clearing out whats beneath it will allowrestaurants and shops, inclusive designMechanical & Electrical Engineering: PAE EngineersPDX to update its options for ticketing,and technology to reduce the facilitysWood Advisors: Sustainable Northwest Woodself-service bag drop, pre-security, post- carbon footprint. security, concessions and more. We justLumber Mills: Elk Creek Forest Products; Frank Lumber The Port opted for a constructionCo.; Freres Lumber Co.; Herbert Lumber Co.; Manke Lumber; dont know how the travel experience ismanager/general contractor deliveryMasters Kustom Cuts; Zip-O-Log Millsgoing to change into the future, Granatomethod for the terminal expansion projectWood Harvest Sites: Camp Adams Youth Camp; Camp remarks. So this roof gives us theso it could manage the project internally.Bishop Grays Harbor YMCA; Camp Namanu; Chimacum opportunity to do that. The updates willThe Port created a division specificallyCommunity Forest; Cle Elum TNC Forest; Coquille; Hanschu also expand the terminal footprint to thefor PDX Next projects, which is headedFamily Forest; Hyla Woods; Joint Base Lewis McCord; Roslyn west into what the Port calls the alleyCity Forest; Skokomish Tribe Land; Willamette University up by Granato, and tapped the HoffmanEducational Forests; Yakama Nationbetween concourses C and B. Skanska Joint Venture team and ZGF Structural Services: Derr & Gruenewald (erector); Madlyn The 392,000-square-foot roof comesArchitects for the terminal project.Metals Fab (glulam connections); Mammoet (heavy lift/at a cost of $125 million and is part ofAdditional partners brought in undertransport); Thompson Metal Fab (Y column fabrication); W&W AFCO Steel (steel trade partner)AirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'