b'Van Nuys60 VNYRUNWAYSRunwayProjectRequiresPreciseSchedulingBY MIKE SCHWANZFACTS&FIGURES Project: Runway ReconstructionLocation: Van Nuys (CA) Airport Est. 2022 Operations: 300,000 Project Budget: $19.1 million (includes cost to repave other runway)Funding: $17.37 million FAA Airport Improvement Program grantDesign: 2020 & 2021 Closure to Reconstruct 16L-34R: Feb.-Aug. 2022Runway Length: 4,000 ft.Repaving 16R-34L: Early Aug.- Sept.1, 2022Runway Length: 8,000 ft. Main Contractor: Sully-MillerEngineering & Design Consultant: HNTBDrainage & Hydrology: VCA Engineers Inc.Geotech: Ninyo & MooreElectrical Contractor: Royal ElectricMain FBOs: Castle & Cooke; Clay Lacy; Jet Aviation; Signature Flight SupportConstruction Hours: 76,000Percentage of Local Workers: 43.4%LED Lights:ADB SAFEGATEPHOTO: DARIO XIUSigns:LumacurveBenefits: Reconstructed Runway 16L-34R expected to serve traffic for several decades; new pavement & lighting for Runway 16R-34L improves safety & visibilityNovember | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'