b'62 VNYRUNWAYSThere was little effect on operations when the airport PHOTO: DARIO XIU Controllers directed traffic to theclosed 16L-34R for reconstruction from February until airports longer runway while 16L-34RAugust, because aircraft simply moved to VNYs longer was closed for reconstruction.runway, 16R-34L. Long notes that maintaining 16R-34Lwas a different story. That project required the airport to close the runway each night and for two 56-hour midweek closures periods during construction. This mostly affected operators of private jets and charter operations using aircraft such as Bombardier Challengers, Cessna Citations or Gulfstream G550s, which need a longer runway. The repaving work on 16R-34L began in early August 2022, and was finished on Sept. 1. Flight operations resumed on that day, but miscellaneous touch-up work continued at night throughout September. All work associated for the project was completed by early October. Active Outreach Several months before both projects began, Long and airport officials made a concerted effort to communicate to all stakeholders about what the work would entail. PRESERVING RUNWAYSDAY & NIGHTFAA P-608 COMPLIANT FAA P-608-R COMPLIANTHundreds of Runways Safely Treated SAFE Recommended for Time-Constrained& Environmentally Responsible Project ConditionsOver 25 Years Serving PROVEN Rapidly Cures to Runway Safetythe Aviation Industry Standards in 2-3 HoursMitigates Asphalt-Based EFFECTIVE No Long-Term Airport FOD & Surface OxidationClosures & Lost RevenueBoth treatments can be applied on all airfield pavements without restrictions.asphaltsystemsinc.comNovember | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'