b'OPERATIONS SDF45Mayer considers geothermal systems to be better overall, because they dont contain vulnerable equipment that can act as single points of failure.Cooling towers are exposed to weather and the elements, so a tornado or a lightning strike or even a broken motor can have a substantial impact on the terminal, he points out. All that mechanical equipment, which has moving parts, is replaced with highly resistant and redundant piping.Moreover, the geothermal system at SDF is designed to reduce energy usage and has enough capacity to heat/cool another 100,000 square feet of terminal expansion. Hot TopicIntrigued by reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills, other airports already have contacted SDF to inquire about the geothermal system still under construction. And Sinnwell has been asked to make presentations about it at several industry conferences.According to Mayer, only one other U.S. airport, Portland International Jetport (PWN), uses a vertical-bore geothermal system; but its much smaller than SDFs will be when completed. This will be the largest geothermal system of its kind at airports in the United States, he comments. Its remarkable The new geothermal system is expected to reduce energy costs for truly groundbreaking compared to what other airports are doingheating and cooling by $400,000 per year. with their infrastructure.That said, Mayer says that geothermal heating and cooling is a viable option for other airports, with very fewif anylimitations, in terms of underlying geology. Even bedrock is suitable for geothermal systems, he notes.Its a fantastic option with a lot of tax credits available, Mayer adds. The biggest issue usually is finding space that can be utilized.Improved EfficiencySinnwell says the system will help position SDF for the future by reducing energy consumption and improving control over the terminals air quality and temperatures. For example, it includesan automated system that monitors how the building is performing in terms of hot and/or cold spots, malfunctioning heat pumps and so forth.All of that information will be at our fingertips, he remarks. Well be able to make adjustments to meet the needs of various areas of the terminal, which wasnt easy to do before.Furthermore, the new system could spur other projects, such as possible construction of a generator plant to supplyENGINEERS & PLANNERSemergency electricity in the event of a power outage. The generator also could save money by supplying electrical powerMORE THAN A CONSULTANTduring peak usage periods, instead of relying on more expensiveA trusted partner, passionate about aviation, power from the conventional electrical grid, Sinnwell explains. dedicated to the industry, and committed to your airportGeothermal is just the start of some exciting projects here down the line, he says.1-888-AVCON-99 | avconinc.comAirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'