b'A visual screen from Blast Deflectors Inc. helps prevent pilots on the departure runway from thinking aircraft using the end-30 DFWRUNWAYSaround taxiway are actually crossing the runway. The final phase was the outer loop and connection of Taxiwaythat aircraft using the new end-around taxiway N. When it opened in April 2022, the air traffic control tower hadare not causing a runway incursion. This already been using the inner loop with great success, Gahmdetermination can easily be made due to notes. With that experience, opening the outer loop was thenthe visual separation the uniquely designed, an easy addition, she adds. We saw operational benefits anddiagonally striped, red and white screen increased safety, and it helps support the airfield optimization andprovides, explains Matt Anzai, sales manager better serves our airlines and passengers.at Blast Deflectors. The company was Gahm notes that Phase One opened incrementally, first forcontracted to design and supply a visual screenMATT ANZAIdaytime operations and then for nighttime, to maximize the benefitto Austin Bridge and Road in April 2019. of the airfield improvements. Once the lighting and signage wasAirport Design AC 150/5300-13B details requirements for end-complete, we were able to get it fully operational, she adds.around taxiway visual screens, which partially or completely mask aircraft using the end-around taxiway from the vantage point of the Visual Barrier associated runway. That prevents the pilot from thinking an aircraft A 713-foot-long, 20-foot-high visual screen from Blast Deflectorsis crossing the runway while they are departing,Inc. was installed to help pilots in departing aircraft visually confirmPettyjohn explains. SNOWBOSS: SAFERSNOW REMOVALOPERATIONSPrevent runway incursions SnowBOSS software keeps airport snow removal teams safer while managing the pressures and demands of snow and ice removal, especially in reduced visibility. SnowBOSS helps prevent runway incursions by alerting equipment operators of a potential incursion before it happens. It also allows team supervisors to monitor and coordinate the work of snow removal vehicles inside and outside Aircraft Operations Areas for more ef cient use of resources. Made in the USA leonardocompany-us.comNovember | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'