b'PUBLISHERS COLUMN 7Mainstream SustainabilityThis November/December issue of the magazine will be distributedwhen plans for the new facility were first at the 15th Annual Airports Going Green (AGG), which is back indrawn up evolved significantly. The airport Chicago, where the conference was born. Weve supported AGGadded the infrastructure needed to support over the years and have created special content to match. the number of electric vehicles rental car When looking over the slate of stories in this edition, some werecompanies are now bringing online. Hav-included specifically for their sustainability angles while others coulding a two-car charging station just wont do fit just as well in other issues. And in some cases, the sustainabilityanymore, and this new transportation center story emerged late in the game.reflects that. PAUL BOWERS, PUBLISHERA prime example of the latter is the new ground transportationKudos to BDL for working toward market realities that arent too center at Bradley International (see Page 32). The story begins byfar into the distance. discussing airport growth, rental cars, efficiency and the all-impor- And kudos to our industry for mainstreaming sustainability!tant customer experience. All typical ingredients for our stories. CheersBut theres also a sidebar about electric car charging, which came to light late in the process. What wasnt a big issue in 2017 THE NEXT BIG SHIFT IN AIRFIELD MANAGEMENT TAKES OFF WITH AIRFIELD 4.0Pinpoints service and AXONmaintenance needs EQProvides greater control under challenging conditions Allows upstreaming of data OurAXON EQintelligent inset lights include built-in sensors to capture dataLINCand interconnectivityessential to making airport operations more streamlined and predictive. 360 Goes beyond existing individual light control and LINC 360is a high bandwidth bidirectional power line communication system thatmonitoring systemsfacilitates two-way data transmission, creating a data-driven future.5G connectivity to the cloudLINC Nodeforms the second leg of the ADB SAFEGATE connectivity strategy.LINCAlarm and warning It connects smart airfield assets to the cloud providing real-time monitoring fromNode notifications pushed from the any place on any device.cloud to mobile devices TheseAirfield 4.0building blocks harness smart Industry 4.0 technologies to revolutionize airfield operations and enable real-time, data-driven decision making. adbsafegate.comAirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'