b"TERMINALSPDX 11design partner at ZGF Architects. That becamehad ever seen6-foot-long screws inside the glulams. In total, the driving force. The teams chose woodcrews used more than 1 million structural fasteners and more as the centerpiece material and selected athan 1 million wood screws, and they were all installed in about combination of dimensional wood, glulam and10 months.mass plywood for visual and structural diversity. The roof at PDX was Swinertons largest mass timber project The wood for the new roof came fromto date, by dollar amount and by physical size. During the peak sustainably managed timber provided byof construction, the company had 35 crafts working on site. The small family forests, community forests andGENE SANDOVAL craft teams under Swinerton are led by Project Superintendent tribal lands in Oregon and Washington withinBrendan Kelly, who is executing the on-site work in close 300 miles of Portland. The completed roof will feature signs notingcoordination with Swinerton Senior Project Engineer Rose the sources of the wood for each section, showing the PortsGensichen. Pacific Northwest pride. The sheer size and magnitude of thisAll pieces were drawn and detailed by Swinerton for precise cutting, roof is going to be breathtaking, Granato says. Its going to beso it was essentially an assembly job when the pieces arrived on site. a really spectacular designand its also functional, seismicallyIts assembled, like something youd buy out of a box with everything resilient and locally sourced. basically precut, premeasured, with instructions, so youre not doing Procurement and manufacturing of the glulam beams began atconstruction on the site, Revay explains.the end of 2020, and the first beam was placed in May 2021. TheThe new roof was assembled adjacent to the airfield. The massive roof and its timber-framed skylights required more thanHoffman Skanska team developed the detailed strategy for 1,500 glulam beams, many more than 80 feet long. The projectprefabricating the roof, including a plan to have it built at about also included the deepest beam any manufacturer has ever made13 feet off the ground, providing a mitigated safety approach (to Swinertons knowledge), a 9-foot, 3-inch-deep glulam that isand resulting in zero injuries on the assembly project. Building in 80 feet long and almost 7 inches wide. All the massive archedthe prefab yard created what was one of the best, cleanest and beams were manufactured as single-span glulam beams, thankssafest construction sites Ive ever seen in 20 plus years working to John Redfield, operations manager at Zip-O-Log Mills, whoconstruction, says Revay. The low height for the prefabrication devised a way to manufacture the beam precisely without splicesite also yielded high quality because inspectors had full access connections. On top of the glulam beams is 2-inch-thick mass plyto every portion of the roof. panel made locally by Freres Lumber, currently the only mass ply manufacturer in the United States. The largest mass ply panel in the project was 40 feet long, which was bent over the curving glulams toSWEEP YOUR AIRFIELDadhere to the shape of the roof and create the domes and vaults. The largest arch in theBETTER, FASTER, SAFERroof is 80 feet long, spanning 16 feet from the bottom of the beam to the top of the arch.THE FOD*BOSS AIRFIELD SWEEPER IS THE CURE FOR On the underside of the glulam layer, FOREIGN OBJECT DAMAGE TO AIRCRAFT, GUARANTEED.there is wooden lattice created by 40,000 Unbeatable performanceEfficient and fast, up to 35 mphpieces of 3-by-6-inch Douglas fir lumber. Removes rocks, nuts & bolts, luggage Works on all surfacesCadMakers from Vancouver, BC, wrote ahardware, and sandLow cost, portable, and reliablecomputer program to cut the lattice pieces, No motors, vacuums, or magnetsMaintenance freeusing dozens of server towers for computer Sweep widths 8', 16', & 24'10 year guaranteeprocessing. This eliminated the need to design each of the 40,000 pieces individually. To confirm measurements of curved beams during manufacturing, the team point-cloud scanned the beams, getting down to a precise 1/4 to 3/8 inch tolerance anywhere on the beam. It was pretty much a perfect beam that came out that way, and there were hundreds of them, remarks Swinerton Senior Project Manager Jared Revay. The roof required hundreds of the longestContact us to arrange a demonstration and see for yourself what makes our sweeperfasteners Swinertontruly exceptional at fodboss@aerosweep.com or visit www.fodboss.comJARED REVAY The FOD*BOSS system is subject to patents and or patent applications.AirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022"