b'16 PDX TERMINALSPHOTO: HOFFMAN SKANSKA JOINT VENTURE precision and efficiency for actual cutting by CNC machines. The contractors worked hand-in-hand with the Port to develop mockups for how to build, cut and bend the mass plywood on top of the roof. Revay explains that it was crucial for all the joints to be straight and everything to fit together like a puzzle. Although the Port and its project teams had to deal with implications of the COVID pandemic during construction, the associated decrease in passenger traffic allowed crews to use some extra space. The Port temporarily removed an extra gate but was still able to accommodate all flight schedules.Hoffman Skanskas biggest challenge was working in, around and over the operating terminal. Safety is our highest priority and focus, while ensuring minimal impacts to the traveling public and airport operations, Garske says. We are so proud of our team, to be able to take on a challenge of this magnitude. From years of preplanning to the execution of the work, we have the most talented, dedicated and hardworking folks focused on its success.Granato notes that each member of the construction joint venture brings a key element: Hoffman has worked at PDX for more than 30 years, and Skanska brings global expertise. In addition, architects from ZGF have designed every major expansion or remodel at the airport in Granatos career. We really had the right folks in place to understand the history of the building, he remarks. As we look forward, what Im trying to do is to retain Most of the structural pieces are being moved into placethe heart and soul of our airport and our airport experience, and yet update between midnight and 4 a.m. Improve winterproductivity with the best products and services in the industryLiquid Potassium Acetate Product Liquid Potassium Formate ProductSAE AMS1435D SAE AMS1435DTHE Solid Sodium Formate Product Unique Patented Liquid TechnologyS C I E N C E SAE AMS1431E SAE AMS1435DVisit us at www.nasi-tm.comOF 800.622.4877, Ext. 310nasi_cs@nasindustrial.comDE-ICING 2021Nachurs Alpine Solutions.All rights reserved.November | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'