b"TERMINALSPDX 17it for what needs to be done going into the future. This team reallythe concept. It is possible to upgrade the is the right team to make that happen. core of any airport if you properly plan and coordinate the work with airport operations Advice for Othersand stakeholders, he says.Granato says achieving clarity about how decisions would be made led to the right delivery model for the roof project. The Port evenWhat Comes Nextcreated a new division to support the sizable initiative. Granato,After the remaining roof cassettes are in place who heads that division, advises other airports and authorities toat PDX, contractors will install the glass curtainJOE SCHNEIDERunderstand what their role is going to be in a given projectandwall. Then, crews will have about 16 months to how much ownership and control they want over the associatedbuild out 400,000 square feet of tenant, ticketing and concessions decisions.space. If work stays on schedule, the Port plans to debut the updated terminal in spring 2024. Id also tell each airport to really look at their culture andai166499782552_Airport Improvement Ad (Oct '22).pdf 1 10/5/2022 2:23:45 PMunderstand what the expectations are from the community, he adds. Keep those fundamental things that make your airport great, and dont lose sight of your soul. That comes from communicating with your region and community to understand what they want out of the airport. Sandoval notes that its vital to create aResilient partnership when building a structure to last 50 years. We could have never done itdevelopment without the client, he emphasizes. Rather than saying, We know what we want, the Port came with a curiosity of What can we doplanning and smart to make this bettermake the city better? That allowed a lot more open conversation. In turn, the design team listened to the Portairport growthits and developed ideas for what it wanted. Its creating a vision togethera vision that wouldsomething were last for generations, he summarizes. Together, the team is treading new territory. A wood building of this magnitude has neverpassionate about.been done before (in North America), Sandoval remarks. Seismically isolating the roof for category 9 has never been done before. There were a lot of firsts that were part of the higher goal of getting a facility of this caliber.The strategy of building a new, long-span roof and placing it over an existing operational facility could be a solution for other airports that are essentially landlocked, Sandoval suggests. Moreover, the design allows for flexibility when ticketing, security processing and concessions invariably evolve. This is a great example of building and expanding in the same footprint, as gracefully as possible, and creating a high-performance, seismically resilient building, Sandoval remarks. This concept could solve a lot of dilemmas for many existing airports that have 1950s short-span structures. Joe Schneider, joint venture executive at Hoffman Skanska Joint Venture, agreesExperience Exceptionalabout the potential for wider applications of AirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022"