b'TERMINAL/BAGGAGE LGB49have to decide if you want to leave the utility in place and changeOne of the biggest adjustments to the planned design was in the building or vice versa. Depending on the size and type of utilityregard to the ticketing building, Lum says. We were designing and if its still in use, we needed to look at these independently.and then building through the pandemic and maintaining as much We know this will happen with older buildings, so we prefer toconsistency as possible while tweaking the design mid-cycle to design a flexible foundation structure so we can bridge utilities oraccommodate 6-foot spacing. make modifications if necessary. Currently, the kiosks are all physically separated, using the Over and over, the team was reminded that the design-buildavailable space as effectively as possible. process makes for fewer surprises overall, Acosta notes.We learned how to future-proof this airport so that 10 years from From the get-go, aligning expectations was important,now, this facility will still be useful and keep up with current trends, he says. The communication and transparency really cameLum says. This will not only improve the passenger experience and through to show we all had the same goal in mind with the sameenhance the easy-going airport it has always been, but also take it a deadlines. Everyone was pushing toward a common goal. step further. Its incredible to be able to open up the back side of a terminal building that hasnt been exposed since 2001.Two Down, Four to Go A new consolidated baggage claim facility is currently under Now that the first two components of Phase 2 are in the books,construction and the remaining Phase II improvements are slated LGB is focusing on the remaining four pieces. Work is on schedule,for completion by the end of 2023. despite a series of pandemic-related setbacks. For instance, as new protocols unfolded for passenger processing, the projectFuture projects will potentially include a ready-return lot team changed the infrastructure design so check-in kiosks canfor rental car operations, a ground transportation center and be moved to allow more physical distance between passengers.improvements to terminal roadways. Initially, plans called for clusters and a more traditional layout in the ticketing area.ai166673121222_ACI-NA-Halfpage-NOV-2022.pdf 1 10/25/22 1:53 PMCMYCMMYCYCMYKAirportImprovement.comNovember |December 2022'