b'Crews used a crane to lift building 56 FLL TERMINALStrusses over the terminal, and welders secured them into place. started to come down. Although the total square footage of thenumerous hallways conveyed a constrained feeling. By raising the building did not expand tremendously, reconfiguring the space roof and bringing in natural light, we changed the whole perspective and moving the Delta Air Lines Sky Club to the new mezzanineof the concourse, she explains.level allowed designers to create an environment that feels Along with addressing capacity issues, airport officials also more spacious.wanted the modernization project to create a sense of place. We know that FLL serves as the first and last impression for the Hello Sunny traveler, says Montefusco. So when we looked at the finishes Montefusco describes the new facility as a grandeur of spaceand the type of space we were trying to achieve, we wanted to with improved aesthetics. Previously, the low ceiling, dark floors andmake sure we brought in the natural light and materials that would promote a feeling of a bright, clean space.The new mezzanine and a glass curtain wall in holdrooms near Gates 5 and 6 add light, provide views of the airfield and supplement wayfinding signage. Passengers now come through the security checkpoint and are drawn by the openness to their gates, Montefusco observes. Project designers created a visual connection from the checkpoint to the airfield to help guide passengers. They can look through the checkpoint to the other side and see airplanes parked on the apron, Goebel explains. After that, we just organized the building to allow that intuitive flow to the aircraft. The formerly dark, cramped terminal is now a multi-story space that is a memorable part of the travel experience, he adds. Goebel notes that designers created a welcoming, crisp and clean aesthetic. Hello Sunny, the motto for Broward Countys tourism and marketing campaign at the time, inspired the use of natural light and local materials that embody South Floridas sun, sand and beaches. Taking into account the countys sustainability goals, designers equipped the new terminal with low-flow fixtures and automated electrical systems. These and other sustainable components helped the project work toward a pending LEED Silver certification.Upgraded Concessions, AmenitiesAfter passengers clear the security checkpoint, they now walk through the Center Court and past updated, expanded concessions ForFt Loraut Ldaudeerdalrdeale-Ho-Hllollywywoood od International Airporton their way to the gates. With one-way flow from the checkpoint, International AirTerpminal 2 Mortodernization there is less confusion about where passengers should go next. Terminal 2 ModerGrnieszathamSmith.ion comNovember | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'