b'TERMINALSFLL 57Terminal 2 is like a very large box, so it naturally brings thecoming. We really tried to keep everyone apprised of what was passenger into the Center Court and gives them a chance to putgoing on, Montefusco says. themselves back together [in the recomposition area] after theWe discussed phasing, and if they had concerns, we would checkpoint and then make their way to their gate, retail space oraddress them, she continues. We looked at maintenance of restrooms, Montefusco explains. traffic on how we were going to close down an area with the The updated concessions lineup adds to customer satisfactionduration and expectations along the way.by providing options they want, she adds. The new Center CourtTo reduce operational impact, officials worked closely features Torn Basil, Starbucks, Hudson News, Flash Fire Pizza,with airlines to maximize gate usage by relocating flights and Stella Bar, 3Sixty Duty Free, Shake Shack and Umaizushi.using bridge extensions. At times it became musical chairs, Gresham Smith worked closely with FLL to develop a projectMontefusco recalls, noting that the airport even constructed definition manual and a concessions master plan to ensure thattemporary concessions facilitiesto ensure continued operations the team was designing appropriate space and locations for theduring some phases. right retail and food/beverage outlets.When Deltas Sky Club moved up to the mezzanine level, its Montefusco highlights upgraded restrooms as one of theformer space became the empty chair in the game of musical terminals greatest amenity improvements. Previously, suchchairs, so to speak.facilities were simply code compliant. Now, there are twiceWe implemented a very in-depth phasing as many required, and a new double-sided layout increasesplan that allowed us to sequentially work efficiency. When one side of the restrooms is closed for cleaningthrough the building while maintaining or servicing, passengers do not have far to walk to find availableoperations, says Margaret Simone, a facilities. That made a huge difference, says Montefusco. Weconstruction executive at Turner Construction used to see significant lines for the one set of restrooms. TheCompany. If you got held up in one area, it had duplicate restrooms add more flexibility.an impact on the next step of the process. Terminal 2 also now includes a separate family restroom and aMARGARET SIMONESome construction required interim relief area for service animals. Drinking fountains were upgradedspaces for operations to continue uninterrupted, Simone adds. to include filling stations for water bottles. More than 350 seats,For example, a temporary Starbucks was created because the some including power outlets, were added to the expandedpermanent one was in the middle of a construction area. holdrooms. It was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, she remarks. We In addition, the airport reintroduced its Public Art and Designhad to fit the right pieces together to work on the next piece. Program, which was temporarily suspended in Terminal 2.Employee, passenger and workforce safety, maintaining flight Displays within the concourse will rotate exhibits about everyschedules and airport operations, as well as overall passenger six months. Airport officials consider the permanent cloud- experience were all essential factors we had to consider and like artwork that hangs in the new facility one of the projectsevaluate at every step when developing our operational plan. crowning jewels.Cant Stop, Wont Stop Due of the growth in passenger demand at FLL, keeping TerminalHangar&DoorExperts2 fully operational throughout construction was non-negotiable,ExpEriEncEd|TimE-TEsTEdMontefusco emphasizes. We knew this was going to be a significant project and was going to have an impact unlike any other project we did here, she shares. We were not only expanding, but raising the roof on a facility that operates 24/7.To facilitate the process, airport management started with early outreach to airlines, tenants and passengers. Constant meetings kept onsite stakeholders informed aboutStart to FiniSH ExpErtiSEthe project status and phasing. PriorSingle-source for Design, Manufacturing, Erection & Service to construction, renderings were displayed to illustrate what was 800.274.0144|FulFab.comAirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'