b'66 Rogue Valley Intl ImplementsMFR OPERATIONSNew Stormwater SystemBY SEAN OKEEFEThis summer, Rogue Valleybusiness partnerships that increase the InternationalMedford Airportairports self-sufficiency from subsidies. (MFR) in southwestern OregonWith plans to build a secondary runway completed the installation of an innovativeto accommodate growth ahead, MFR is stormwater detention and drainage solutiongetting ready for whats next. An airport that mimics nature to wick and cleanis a landlord, a business partner and a rainwater before returning it to the groundcommunity resource all in one, Brienza and nearby waterways. remarks. Its very important that we be Located roughly four and a half hoursgood stewards of the communitys financial south of Portland, OR, and five hoursand environmental resources, which is north of Sacramento, CA, the airport is inwhat the new stormwater drainage system the enviable position of having no nearbyis all about.commercial competitors. Just 30 milesA combination of foresight and ingenuity, north of the California border, MFR is alsothe new system takes an innovative FACTS&FIGURESattractive to general aviation customersapproach to an age-old problem: water Project: Stormwater Drainage System due to Oregons highly favorable propertyon the airfield. As aviation and engineering tax incentives. Between its commercialprofessionals understand, an airports Location: Rogue Valley International-Medford (OR) Airport service and general aviation traffic, Size of System: 400 ft. long, 15 ft. wide the airport totals about 45,000 aircraftmany paved surfaces cause a lot of runoff during storm events that must drain back Project Designer & Engineer of Record: Precisionoperations a year. Passenger counts haveto nature as quickly as possible. Standing Approach Engineering returned to pre-pandemic levels, whichwater of any sort, for any length of time, General Contractor: Knife River reached 1 million in 2018.is likely to attract birds and other wildlife, Construction Management: Precision ApproachAirport Directorwhich are notable threats to flight safety. Engineering Jerry Brienza, aWe are at a point where growth will Filtration System: BioPod Boxless Biofiltration System,30-year industryrequire us to build more impervious by Oldcastle Infrastructureveteran, has been atsurfaces, says Brienza, referencing plans Filtration Media: StormMix Media the helm of MFR forto build a secondary runway. In the past, Volume of Media Used: 9,000 cubic ft. five years. One of thethis resulted in a series of small stormwater Construction of Biofiltration many responsibilitiestreatment facilities all over the airport that Swale: April 25-May 6, 2022 he enjoys about hisJERRY BRIENZA left the ground a little like Swiss cheese. Key Benefits: Improved stormwater management;diverse role is constantWe decided to build a single large facility preparation for future growth economic development to bring in new November | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'