b'14 PDX TERMINALSPHOTO: HOFFMAN SKANSKA JOINT VENTURE reflects light differently throughout the day. It was really important for us to have that kind of softness, says Sandoval, of ZGF Architects. When passengers arrive at the airport, theyll know theyre in Oregon, with the smell of Douglas fir and the golden color from the daylight hitting the wood. Its just going to be fantastic and memorable.Architects and designers from the project team traveled to airports around the world for inspiration and ideas. At Hong Kong International (HKG), they noticed that the busy airport was not quiet, but the sound level was very comfortable. Since Arup worked on both projects, it was able to apply lessons learned at HKG about sound performance and buffering to the project at PDX. That became our solutionto get a product with that same acoustical performance, Sandoval says. So we got recycled natural fiber acoustic panel that is tucked on the underbelly of the wood roof.Sustainability EffortsIn addition to sourcing local timber from Oregon and Washington, the Port did not want to use any wood from a clear cut. Granato emphasizes that wood was purchased from small farms, forests The curved beams required manufacturers to maintainand indigenous tribal lands that use sustainable harvesting and precise tolerances across long spans.replanting practices. The Port contracted advisors from Sustainable November | December 2022AirportImprovement.com'