b'TERMINALSFLL 59Contractors installed modular construction barriers that resembleexperience, and they did so by providing more walls to separate work areas from passenger areas. Updatedthan enough capacity for what they see at peak signage guided travelers through the facility, and renderings postedtimes, Goebel says. Whats required and on the construction barriers illustrated what the finished spaceswhats needed are two different things. would look like. Michael Pacitto, chief development officer Work that caused vibration, noise and/or odors was limited tofor the Broward County Aviation Department, nighttime shifts. One thing that is immensely important to FLLnotes that the recent improvements well-and Broward County is to always maintain a positive passengerposition the airport to handle increasedMIKE PACITTOexperience, even while were in construction, Goebel remarks.passenger volumes through Terminal 2 while Because the terminal was still very active, minimizingfulfilling FLLs customer convenience, operational efficiency, and construction debris and dust was also critical. Turner Constructioncongestion mitigation goals. provided a cleaning crew so FLLs own crews wouldntbe overtaxed. Cleanliness is paramount to a construction site in general, Simone says. But when the general public is walking through an active construction zone, paying attention to safety and cleanliness is even more significant. Declines in passenger traffic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic ended up helping the construction schedule. At one point, the project team was able to shut down fully half of the concourse to allow contractors to work 24/7 replacing mechanical systems, lighting, ceiling, flooring and wall finishes. We were lucky we were able to expand our work hours and were able to accomplish a lot more in a shorter period of time due to lower passenger flow, notes Simone.CBroward County Aviation DepartmentMcredits its construction and design partnersYfor helping keep the concourse open to CMpassengers during the complex project. Executives also acknowledge Delta personnel MYand crucial internal contributors, includingCYMontefusco former Chief Development OfficerCMYMarc Gambrill.KThe Next Phase April 25 - 28, 2023The Terminal 2 Modernization Program wrapped in September 2022, but there areSeattle, WAmore Master Plan improvements scheduled, asSheraton Grandwell as a Sky Club expansion by Delta. Other projects include the completion of a new/relocated Terminal 2 security checkpoint and enclosed post-security hallways to connect terminals 1, 2 and 3.Looking ahead, Goebel notes that buildingACI-NAs Airports@Work Conference brings together infrastructure is already in place for futurethe most complex facets of airport operationssafety, adjustments or enhancements.security, environment, technology, and technical affairs for a collaborative discussion about todays challenges Meanwhile, the airport is much betterand tomorrows opportunities.equipped to accommodate its current traffic. FLL wanted to invest in the passenger AirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'