b'PASSENGER TRANSPORTBDL39The design team further reduced water usage by specifyinglowering the facility, incorporating traffic signage and using that efficient toilets and low-flow, aerated faucets in the restrooms.area as the primary entrance from the adjacent roadway near a Within the parking garages, PGAL used natural light harvesting,new landscaped roundabout. durable LED fixtures and motion sensors to reduce ongoingBecause the new ground transportation center was public-energy requirements. The airport received an incentive for theprivate development, it allowed for a fast-track process, with project from its local energy provider, Eversource, for installingdesign and the start of construction occurring at the same time, LED lights and high-efficiency HVAC systems. Bechara notes. That meant providing adequate direction to the The facility also includes an energy-efficient wall design todesign team, having them submit design documents on time and reduce the temperature fluctuations of interior spaces, St.reviewing them as quickly as possible so the construction could Lawrence adds. Plasma air purifying equipment cleans the air withstart as soon as possible, he explains. bipolar ionization to help remove airborne bacteria and viruses.Naturally, COVID added its share of challenges, but design and planning consultants followed precautions to continue working. Challenges and Opportunities Some created shift schedules, rotating employees between home Constructing 1.5 million square feet of space on a 20-acre jobsiteand the office when possible. We had to put measures in place was no small undertaking. The process of installing 3,000 drilledto make sure that we didnt lose our critical people from being aggregate piers to provide a suitable substrate for the foundationssick, Locke says.alone took 11 months. Coordinating the just-in-time delivery of the precast was a feat in itself, says St. Lawrence.The construction team kept inspections by state building officials on schedule by using video conference walk-throughs to Another challenge was a significant slope at the southwest endshow key areas of work. The state agencies agreed [to the virtual of the buildingalmost 20 feet from high to low. Crews had tomethod], and we were able to obtain the needed reviews and consider the elevation change throughout site planning, designapprovals, says St. Lawrence.and foundation work. PGAL took advantage of the slope by URBAN STARTS WITH YOUProviding design and construction support services to airports across the countryCivil/site design and project managementConstruction coordination with owner and design-builderBIM/Civil 3D modeling and clash detection for site workValue engineering and scheduling and estimatingUtility service connection coordinationurbanengineers.comBradley International Airport Consolidated Rental Car Facility Founded 1960 | Employee OwnedAirportImprovement.comNovember | December 2022'