b'12 STLRUNWAYSSTLs crosswind runway, 6-24, also is being pressed into service more than usual, and the airport is keeping some taxiways open to provide access to the alternate runways.Providing airfield access to the large number of workers needed for the runway and taxiway projects is a daily challenge. All ground vehicles are escorted by airfield security to Taxiways now align with the runway at 90-degree angles. the work areas, and this is scheduled several weeks in advance, Beckmann advises.Millstone Weber coordinates the crews. Every day, there is a lot of work going on at the same time. We simultaneously may have up to 100 workers on the airfield, says Leingang. We have to work closely with the airport and control tower concerning our daily schedule. Proud to be providing pavementThe contractors biggest solutions to STL since 1995.equipment issue is getting enough trucks. There is a huge demand for dump trucks in the St. Louis area, Leingang explains. We use up to 60 a day, and obtaining that many from hauling companies is a challenge. We have a full-time employee to @cmtengrs | cmtengr.com coordinate just that.Fortunately, Millstone Weber has seasoned and experienced supervisors. Our head supervisor has 35 years of experience, says Leingang. He and his staff communicate continually with the control tower if one of our trucks is crossing one of the taxiways. We are always very safety-conscious.Almost DoneIn late August, Runway 12R-30L was on schedule to reopen in November. This project has obviously been an inconvenience for our clients, but I am confident that all of our customers will eventually agree that these changes will be worth it in the long run, says Beckmann. We will have a safer, more efficient airfield for many years to come. WWW.FODCHECK.COM | 844-200-3637October 2023AirportImprovement.com'