b'38 YYZRUNWAYSsays Carmine Bello, Avia NGs lead engineerMoreover, planners had to be cognizant of a large project for the runway rehab. Although the goodon the north side of the airport (a new manufacturing facility for weather played a major factor in completingBombardier) that is impacting YYZs other main runway, 05-23. the work, without the commitment and dedication of all the partners from start toCommunity Outreachfinish, the project would not have been asThe GTAA Stakeholder Relations team consulted with elected successful. It was a crowning achievementofficials and local residents regarding the projects impact on for all of us. CARMINE BELLO airport neighbors. The team shared information on the GTAA Minimizing operational impact was a key priority throughout theconstruction/community web page and posted notices in various project. Losing a rapid exit or high-speed taxiway reduces thelocal publications. The Airports Authority even sent out a branded runway capacity of the adjacent Runway 06R-24L, so phasingice cream truck to hand out free treats as a thank you to the was critical, Payter emphasizes.community for its patience while crews completed their work. We undertook a robust communications and community engagement campaign beginning fall 2021 and into early 2022 leading AIRPORTS PROUDLY USING TRECAN SNOWMELTERS INCLUDE: up to the start of the work, says Kathryn BOS| BUF| BWI| CLE| DCA| DFW| IAD|JFK| LGA Hanford, GTAA manager of CommunityMCI| MHT| MSP| PIT|YUL|YVR|YYZ Outreach and Programs. The campaign SNOW aimed to provide nearby residents with a comprehensive understanding of the project scope and reassure them that any impacts would be temporary. It also outlined noise mitigation measures and emphasized that the project was essential for maintaining the safety and well being of passengers, airport Trecan Snowmelters are the industry standardemployees and neighboring communities.for Airport snowmelting equipment. Key components included: an official ground-breaking ceremony with Canadas Transportation minister and local elected officials to demonstrate political support for the historic construction project; a dedicated website to keep community members updated; monthly e-newsletters sent to about12,000 subscribers;game-oriented social media content to add an element of fun, including trivia contests on the airports Instagram and internal communications channels with Save Time and Money $25 gift cards for prizes;a series of four automated phoneCost Effective messages geo-targeted to 165,000+Eliminate snow removal delays households around the airport thatEco-friendly and energy efficient notified residents about the project andReduce or eliminate trucking of snow expected impacts;on air traffic areasi nformational postcards delivered toEliminate security risks associated with trucks 50,000+ households in communities that would be most affected by aircraft noise during construction;three full-page wrap print advertisements in local papers to build awareness among trecan.com 500,000+ local residents; and ISO 9001:2015 CertifiedOctober 2023AirportImprovement.com'