b'RUNWAYSSFO33finish on time. Instead, contractors scheduled crews day and nightCrews repaved the 7,650-foot runway and installed to maximize their available airfield time. They also used BluebeamLED lighting in less than eight weeks. construction software to keep inspectors informed about the status of various project elements so they could brief and mobilize the next shift. Silence Speaks VolumesCrews finished the $48.5 million project just before Memorial Day, with three days to spare before the May 25 target date. The airport is pleased with both the outcome and the speed at which it was delivered, Lee notes.Passengers will notice there are fewer cracks and a smoother landing, he adds. Now, its more durable. The specs for every project weve had over the years and the quality of the material improves. With the new lighting fixtures, pilots can feel safer and be able to see the runway clearly, which is ultimately our job; weencouraged cooperation that enhanced safety for all onsite crews, update the runways to be the most FAA-compliant. notes Lee. Another success noted was reducing potential flight delaysAlthough we closed down two runways [1R-19L and 1L-19R], and cancellations. Daily calls with the air traffic control towerwe did it with very little disruption, he reflects. We didnt raise any advised FAA personnel if a certain area of work might involve moreeyebrows or trend on social media. We were able to complete such taxiway closures or outages. The protocols the airport team builta major project almost in silence.AirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'