b'RUNWAYSSFO31work so we would have certain areas of theNew LED Fixturestaxiways available to allow aircraft to cross,Golden Gate Constructors, a joint venture between DeSilva Gates and that reduces departure delays.Construction and Graniterock, was general contractor for the Knowing there would be little cushion inproject, and it tapped Royal Electric Company for the lighting the schedule, the airport hired AECOM toportion. Having worked at SFO for a dozen years, Royal was manage the project. The team divided workalready familiar with the airports preferred process for installing into four phases, each with multiple layers ofductwork, conduit and light fixtures. construction and associated coordination. AUDREY BROOK The project was very, very tight, with AECOM Project Manager Audrey Brook worked closely with thean aggressive schedule, says Lakshmi airports Airside Operations Department and the contractor toBandaru, senior project manager for Royal create work plans three weeks out at a time.Electric Company. We had been pre-Partnering with the team is key, Brook says. In a project likeplanning at least six months in advance and this with a compressed schedule, we dont want to compromisehad less than seven weeks for a complete the quality to finish on time. Building up trust and beingturnaround.LAKSHMI BANDARUresponsible for each others success and challenges is important.The company turned to ADB SAFEGATE All these little things that intertwine can be difficult at times, butfor new light fixtures in short order. Due to we understood that we are working together.the existing strong relationship between In addition to milling and overlay work, the project addressesthe two companies, the needed lights the geometry of adjoining taxiways. Engineers also widenedwere ready on time. Hundreds of LED light and reconstructed adjacent taxiways. Overall, the infrastructurefixtures, plus additional runway signage, improvements cost $48.5 million, and $27.9 million was fundedwere manufactured in four weeks. with portions of a federal Airport Improvement Program grant.Usually, really quick means about a JIM TAYLORBeyond the 1,700 truckloads of paving materials needed formonth, so this was really, really quick, says the project, updated lighting fixtures and associated electricalJim Taylor, Western Region sales director for ADB SAFEGATE.components were a significant part of the budget. The company installed its new Axon lights, which have a reinforced top cover design with backwards compatibility to AirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'