b'AIRFIELD MAINTENANCEJAX65airport doesnt have to go out to bid andprojects. We use it with our own data and figure out what we find a qualified, maybe low-bid, contractorneed to prioritizewhat needs to be done immediately, what to do the work, explains Mike Speidel, viceneeds to be done in the short-to-medium term, and what can president at Sightline Inc. Thats all done be held off and done in the long-term. That helps me offset my for them,workload, he explains. Typically, the procurement process canAccording to Speidel, prioritizing projects correctly has take an airport weeks and cost thousands ofidentified $225,000 in savings per assessment. The surprising dollars, he adds.MIKE SPEIDEL thing is just how much money weve been able to save [program Next, the program offers condition assessments. If an airportparticipants], he remarks. When your assessment costs a small doesnt have internal staff to gauge the condition of its markings,fraction of the savings, thats a pretty good ROI.Sightline can visit its airfield, test reflectivity and other crucialCondition assessments help JAX determine which smaller factors, and develop an appropriate scope of work. This helpsprojects to tackle as needed over time, rather than repainting prevent a common knee-jerk assumption that every marking onall markings at once. I think what Jacksonville reflects is the an airfield needs to be repainted at the same time. One of mystrength of this project because they use all facets of the primary goals when our teams are collecting data and assessingprogram, says Rosales. They use every piece of it depending is to identify savings, meaning find markings that are in goodon what their needs are. Thats trickled over to the other airfields enough condition to last, Speidel explains. In short, sometimesthat are under the Jacksonville Aviation Authority umbrella. So markings just need to be cleaned, not repainted. My teams gonow the other airfields [Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport, in and identify what does not need any more maintenance, whichCecil Airport and Herlong Recreational Airport] are starting to use saves time and money and gains efficiencies, adds Speidel.all their services like that, and theyre seeing a benefit, Rosales At Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), Speight usessays. Theyre doing small, manageable maintenance projects on condition assessments from Sightline to plan and budget futurea more timely manner and its costing them a lot less.THE #1 CHOICEAMONG NORTH AMERICAN AIRPORTSwww.TheHog.com 1-772-214-1714triple spray bar hog tusk autonomous navigationAirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'