b'LIGHTINGF8269visibility was a particular objective. We knew we needed to address lighting in a big way, and we wanted to go to LED for reliability, costs savings in terms of use of energy, and an overall brighter product, he explains. Lumens-wise, it might not always be brighter, but the lights certainly appear as such.Crews installed a total of 160 runway and taxiway lights supplied by Faias Lighting Products. Eventually, pilots will be able to turn them on from the cockpit as needed. But for now, the airport switches the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. Because the new LEDs draw such a small amount of electricity, Morrison is considering using a photocell to keep them on from dusk toNew linear taxiway lights improve visual definition for pilots, even in dawn. Then, it can be up to the pilots to control medium or highlow-visibility conditions. intensity, he adds. Joe Fariz, chief executive officer of Faias Lighting Products, explains that the airports new LED runway lights operate off of a single 20-amp AC circuit. LED has changed the world, he remarks. We dont need a regulator. We use standard AC power and can run the whole airport on a single 220-240 volt line with full step control. Our voltage system is unique.JOE FARIZNo one else has an AC system that does the three steps of dimming. Others basically only offer on or off. Our system generally saves a small general aviation airport from $10,000 to $60,000 in lighting equipment and installation costs compared to constant-current regulator systems. When updating from incandescent to our LED system, an airport can realize 80% to 85% in energy savings, making the long-term savings really add up.Linear Taxiway Lights In what Morrison describes as a revolutionary move, the general aviation airport opted for linear lights on its full-length taxiway. The system is a series of 26-inch-wide lights spaced about 100 feet apart, installed on concrete pads on the sides of the taxiway. Since the airport is self-funded, it is not subject to FAA regulationsWorld class customer serviceprohibiting this type of non-traditional taxiway lighting.no matter where you are!Were kind of in a black hole as theres not a lot of extra lighting out here, says Morrison. The linear lights really highlight the edgeAll airways around the worldof the taxiway by projecting the light parallel to the edge. Especiallylead back to Integro!in a low visibility situation, it provides a clear outline and direction of the taxiway. And from the air, you can see the taxiway completely outlined, making it impossible to mistake for a runway. We could probably have done the runway like that too, but I didnt want to reinvent the wheel with something that critical.The elevated linear system, developed and patented by Luminaerospace, has a base upon which lights are affixed in a horizontal layout. One LED in the center pushes light to the end of each acrylic rod, brightly illuminating the entire 26-inch span.Fariz says the linear lights, which resemble Star Wars light sabers, are especially effective at clearly defining taxiway edges, direction and entry points. Many times, in the middle of a storm or in poor visibility, a pilot will think, Oh, that has to be the entrance to the taxiway, and then turns and ends up in the grass. There are a lot of those types ofwww.onemonroe.com/integroAirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'