b'RAMPSRDU 61you get the benefit of a collaborative working relationship between the designer, the construction manager and the owner. Then there is the benefit of competitive pricing in terms of bidding for the different disciplines of work, he adds. So it really is an excellent delivery method for us, and we have had great success.Current and Future BenefitsWith the new west overnight parking ramp in place, RDU has been able to relocate aircraft parking areas from other parts of the airport to allow for the future expansion of the terminal building.We are working through projects right now to expand Terminal 2 as well as Terminal 1 to accommodate the growth, so [this project] was a welcome addition to give us the flexibility to do that,Sandifer says. Clearly, the additional parking ramp was needed, because the area has been at 100% capacity ever since it opened on April 17. From day one, it has been full every single night, Sandifer reports, noting that the new area stages airliners near the terminals at peak early morning times when planes are typically lined up waiting for a gate. We are so very, very happy with the finishedThe new west parking area can accommodate eight large aircraftproduct.such as 737s and 777sFocusing on tomorrows solutions todayRS&H delivers infrastructure solutions for a more connected future where everyone can thrive. We translate experience into insight to design an exceptional journey.rsandh.com#DrivenToCareAirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'