b'22 DALLIGHTINGThe new, more energy-efficient LEDLaying the Groundworklightswhich come with a 10-year warranty Planning for the project began in 2019 when the airport hired are expected to reduce the airports energyGarver, which worked with Musco to develop a new lighting plan. costs by an estimated $22,965 per year. And the savings could increase by roughly 15% ifTheres a lot more involved than just grabbing some light the airport dims lights when less illuminationfixtures and putting them up, Holland notes.is required, notes Corey Holland, key accountThree-dimensional modeling software allowed project engineers manager at Musco. COREY HOLLAND to input different lighting configurations and accurately predict the In addition, DAL will save about $6,750associated level of light and how it is dispersed.annually by eliminating the need to rentThe most important thing was making sure the fixtures have a boom truck to change the metal halidethe capability to spread enough light on the apron in a uniform lightbulbs.way, Stevanovic emphasizes. Uniformity is very important. When The airports new LED system provideslighting is uniform, it improves user perception and provides visual better color quality and coverage, and thecomforteven at lower light levels. Therefore, it allows you to see bulbs last significantly longer than metal halidethe entire premises clearly.lightbulbs, says Vladimir Stevanovic, aviationVLADIMIR STEVANOVICTo help ensure uniformity, all fixtures were installed at the same leader for electrical resiliency at Garver. height of 70 feet. We dont want too much light in one area and A typical 60-watt incandescent bulb, for instance, can benot enough in another area, which creates a scalloped effect, now replaced with a 10- to 15-watt LED fixture, but still produceHolland explains.the equivalent or even more lumens than the incandescentFixtures for DAL were built and installed to specific optic bulb, Stevanovic says. We significantly reduced glare and lightspecifications. For example, each fixture was aimed at a specific pollution at the airport, which ultimately benefits the surroundingangle to direct light as dictated by the 3-D model. This maximizes environment and supports the city of Dallas dark skies initiative. light distribution while also minimizing glare.HEICO-LOCK WEDGE LOCK WASHER BOLT SECURITY SYSTEMSFAA Approved Solutions for Your AirfieldStandard wedge lock washers and Combi-Washers from HEICO-LOCK: Keep your lights secure Reduce maintenance headaches Eliminate risk of FOD Keep costs downWWW.HEICO-LOCK.US888.822.5661October 2023AirportImprovement.com'