b'PHOTO: SOUTHWEST SPECIALTY COATINGS INCGROUND SUPPORTLAS 43McMahan found just that through a construction managementpreconditioned air unit starts cooling the jet bridge 20 to 30 consultant who was discussing a coating product while workingminutes before a flight arrives. It does so by taking hot outside with other local public entities. air and chilling it with air between 28 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit. After the aircraft parks at the gate, it is connected with exterior Testing and Results hoses, and the cooling system is switched from bridge mode to Aviation Department personnel began general testing of Superaircraft mode so the aircraft can turn off its auxiliary power unit Therm, a reflective ceramic coating manufactured by SPIand stop burning fuel to cool the air on board. Coatings, in 2017. For reference, the company offers two kinds ofTo test the performance of Super Therm, the project team ceramic coatings generally applicable to jet bridges: HPC Coating,recorded temperatures inside the bridges before starting the which is a thick-film, insulating coating applied on the inside topreconditioned air units, and also measured the time needed to block conductive heat transfer; and Super Therm, a thin-film,cool them. McMahan reports that coated bridges were cooler to reflective coating usually applied on the exterior to block and repelbegin withstaying with a few degrees of ambient temperatures 95% of solar radiation heat.even as the day warmed upand also cooled down faster. The SPI Coatings Vice President of Businessbridge was able to maintain a lower setpoint when we switched Development and Technology Timothyover to the aircraft mode, he adds. Cappel explains that Super Therm does not absorb heat from the sun. Thats thePhased Implementationbenefit, he remarks. If it doesnt absorbAfter extensive testing for the better part of two years, the Clark the heat, then there is no heat transfer to theCounty Department of Aviation decided to incorporate Super Therm inside of the passenger walkways. TIMOTHY CAPPEL into the ongoing refurbishment of all JBT AeroTech boarding bridges In 2018, LAS began testing the ceramicat LAS. The coating manufacturer recruited Southwest Specialty coating on passenger boarding bridges that face southwest,Coatings for installation. And in 2019, the contractor began applying because they receive the most radiant heat. Typically, aSuper Therm to jet bridges as they were pulled from service to receive updated electronic components and controls. AirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'