b'LIGHTINGDAL21maintenance staff couldnt keep up with it, he shares. Now weve been able to repurpose their time so they can handle other terminal issues aside from changing lightbulbs.The bulk of the project was completed between June 2021 and September 2022. Holt Construction installed the new lights as well as new conduit and control boxes.Work was performed in phases to avoid disrupting airfield operations, but supply-chain challenges caused some delays to the original schedule. Most of the work was completed during daylight hours. LED There Be LightCrews replaced 101 existing lights with 115 LED fixtures designed and engineered by Musco. Most of the additional lights were installed at an overnight aircraft parking area that also serves as a deicing pad. BEFORE New lights for the apron and three overnight aircraft parking area were mounted on 30-foot-tall poles installed atop the 40-foot-tall terminal. In addition, two lights were installed directly on the terminal building to illuminate a vehicle service road. Lighting at a fourth overnight parking areas will be upgraded later this year or early in 2024. BeyondEmerging From the Shadows the designInsufficient lighting also made work harder for baggage handlers, says Sunday Odiyeye, an aviation engineer at DAL. Sometimes, airlines even rented temporary light stands to provide more illumination.The old lights were mounted on poles SUNDAY ODIYEYEatop the terminal and aimed down at about a 45-degree angle, which created significant shadowing underthe wings of parked aircraft, and also between parked aircraftand the terminal. Baggage handlers that work at night complained about not having enough light at the back of the planes while loading and unloading cargo, Odiyeye says. Dallas Love Field Moreover, replacing the halite lightbulbs had become aExterior Lighting Projectmaintenance nightmare. At one point, we had to hire a third-partyPhoto Courtesy of Musco Lighting GarverUSA.comcontractor to be on standby for bulb replacements, in case our AirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'