b'58 RDURAMPSFACTS&FIGURESNew Parking Ramp at Raleigh-Project: Overnight Aircraft Parking Ramp Durham Intl Full From Day OneAirport: Raleigh-Durham (NC) Intl AirportLocation: Near Terminal 2 BY NICOLE NELSONSize: 585,000 sq. ft. Champagne problems may soundExecutive Vice President Cost: $33 million nice, but they still require time andand Chief Development money to fix.Officer Bill Sandifer. As Funding: NC Airport Improvement Programwe continued to see Design: 2017 This April, Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) solved what many in thesignificant growth, we Construction: Work began Jan. 2019, stopped inindustry would consider a champagnestarted to formulate this March 2020 due to COVID pandemic, resumed Aug.problem with a new $33 million overnightproject.2021 & ended April 2023 parking ramp for aircraft. Years of dramaticWhat began on theBILL SANDIFEROpening Date: April 17, 2023 traffic growth had left the North Carolinadrawing board in 2017 is Project Manager/Design Engineer: RS&H airport with a shortage of such space, sonow a 585,000-square-foot holding area near Construction Manager at Risk: Balfour Beatty RDU leaders included a new ramp in theirTerminal 2 with room for eight large aircraft Paving Contractor: Summers Concrete Contracting Vision 2040 master planning process.such as Boeing 737s and Boeing 777s. The Key Benefits: Providing needed overnight parkingWe found ourselves in a situation wherenew west parking area allows commercial capacity; facilitating morning departures by stagingwe were just literally running out of spaceairliners that arrive late at night to park close airliners close to terminals; freeing space for futureto park large airplanes, explains RDUto Terminal 2, where a large percentage terminal expansion October 2023AirportImprovement.com'