b'26 EATRAMPSarea. In winter, the same system collects deicing effluent and stores it for secondary uses such as dust control on unpaved roadways. Dura Trench, from Ericsons, is the slotted drain system engineers specified to intercept storm water from the tarmac. At the airports request, the manufacturer added a special fire retardant to its ductile iron locking grate and galvanized frame to make the drain resistant to various aviation chemicals and fuels. The Drainage improvements were asystem can also be sealed for containment. major component of the project. David Potter, national sales manager for Ericsons, notes that the companys pre-manufactured system saves airports time and money. The product is much faster and REGENERATIVE AIR SWEEPERSoverall less expensive to install than other similar products, especially cast-in-place For a Deeper Clean designs, he explains. A new containment tank was added specifically for glycol runoff. Originally, a precast vault was specified, but the associated cost and installation challenges prompted general contractor Hurst Construction to evaluate other alternatives. Ultimately, it selected a DuroMaxx steel-reinforced polyethylene glycol containment tank with watertight joints. Because the tank from Contech ES meets Buy American requirements and is approved by the FAA, it was eligible for federal funding.The tanks total storage capacity is 88,600 gallons. Some of the excess glycol that Photo courtesy of Meridian Regional Airport is captured is metered into the municipal wastewater treatment plant.ROUTINE CLEANING OF RAMP, RUNWAY, & ROADS We can do small, Removes FOD that can hide in cracks & crevices consistent injections into the sewer system that dont overload the plant Model 600 HSP Options with a huge volume every Chassis Mounted Magnet removes time a plane is sprayed, Liquid Recovery System removes ferrous metals at sweeping speedsand recovers standing liquids, suchexplains J.R. Norvell, up to 25 miles per hour. as glycol. aviation services leaderJ.R. NORVELLat Ardurra Group. Its the Lateral Air Flow Nozzle clearsRunway Sweeper, High Speedright thing to do and the smart thing to do. debris, such as sand, grass andPerformance.snow from runways and taxiways. Miami-based Ardurra has managed work at EAT for the past six years. Norvell is particularly pleased to tout the airports recent addition of utility ducts beneath the apron to support plug-in connectivity for electric-powered aircraft. We spent a good amount of time with the local utility district to be prepared for that possibility, he notes. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 800.258.9626|TYMCO.COMOctober 2023AirportImprovement.com'