b'32 SFORUNWAYS numerous ADB legacy inset fixtures. The fixtures also featurebut SFO had an ace up its sleeve for such circumstances. bullnose protection of the prism window to minimize damageThe airport reopened the adjacent runway to allow planes from aircraft and snowplows. These same fixtures offer an optionalto land in a north-south direction, Brook explains. We played sensor package to utilize ADBs Linc360 power line carrier methodcatch-up once the weather cleared. to monitor the real-time health and status of the fixture.Catching up wasnt always a straightforward process. The Theyre not simply a light in a special housing, but a smarterteam had to ensure that downstream activities and materials fixture that can provide feedback to the airport, says Taylor.werent adversely affected, as well as notify stakeholders about The new LED fixtures replace incandescent runway lights thatadjustments to the timeline. Delays were nerve-wracking for required more energy and labor hours for maintenance. AirportBrook and other project leaders. When AECOM sets a goal for a leaders look forward to reaping the associated benefits.runway project, its a promise, she remarks. As soon as the new lights were available from ADBAnother challenge emerged on an adjacent taxiway. Forensic SAFEGATEs plant in Columbus, OH, it was an all-hands-on-deckcore samples of work completed in the 1980s indicated that situation. Crews from Royal Electric installed all 350 runway andsome areas of the concrete were in poor condition, so crews taxiway lights, 20 airfield signs and wind cones in just seven days.had to rebuild them. Golden Gate Construction kept the project Bandaru notes that it typically takes a week or two for engineerson schedule by demolishing the problematic pavement and re-to respond to questions from the field. In this case, answers werecompacting and treating the subgrade in three to four days. immediate and on target. They had to be, she adds.Much of the taxiway structure is built with crushed aggregate with treated base and asphalt on top of that, explains Lee. For Weather and Other Challengesthis particular project, we used a pavement structure. As with any outdoor project, weather was a bit of a wild card during the Runway 1L-19R rehab. But the stakes were extra high given itsBrook emphasizes that even with unforeseen problems and short timeline. Rain postponed paving operations for a few days,an aggressive schedule, the team never compromised quality to October 2023AirportImprovement.com'