b'DISASTER RECOVERYAPF55Maintenance crews spent approximately two weeks replacing the lights and isolation transformers, and reconnecting the system to get it back up and operational. They were also able to revive about 30 LED airfield signs that had been underwater. Direct wiring the signs got them working in the short-term, but the airport knew they would have a very limited lifespan due to the corrosive nature of saltwater. When initial cleanup was complete and lighting was functionalat least temporarilythe team from Hanson moved on to a full evaluation of buildings that had been flooded. Most were older T-hangars in the lower-elevation south quadrant of the airport.Crews used the airports fire trucks to rinse pavements with fresh water. Flooding of 6 to 18 inches affected the airports pilot lounge, Facilities building, flight schools, sheriffs department and a Civil AirRecommendations for RecoveryPatrol hangar. Hanson personnel assessed drywall damage, made sure all hangar doors were operational and the electrical systemWith short-term fixes underway, nighttime operations resumed was properly functioning. Naples Airport Authority then directedabout two weeks after the storm. Harris and his team then focused drywall removal and mold remediation as needed. There was alsoon more permanent recovery of the airfield lighting. Based on major damage to ground service equipment and one of the airportsdiscussions with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, fuel trucks. the firm recommended a full replacement of the airfield electrical system. The Port Authority shared with us that the biggest concern The assessment and documentation by Hanson helped informwas about additional corrosion over time, Harris explains. You the firms recommendations for rebuilding. have electrical cables, metal lighting fixtures, transformers, metal FACINGMOUNTAINS?We Can HelpContract # 110122-SWNLED RUNWAY CLOSURE MARKER BOWMONK AIRFIELD FRICTION METER CUTTING EDGES FOR TRUCK PLOWS, BLOWERS,& MULTI-FUNCTION EQUIPMENTSHERWININDUSTRIES.COM|800-525-8876AirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'