b'42 LASGROUND SUPPORTFACTS&FIGURESExterior Jet Bridge Coating Saves Project: Solar Heat-Resistant Coating Energy, Increases Passengerfor Boarding Bridges Location: Harry Reid Intl Airport in Las Vegas Scope: About 100 jet bridges Comfort at Harry Reid Intl BY KRISTEN RINDFLEISCHStatus: 70 have been coated since 2017; remainingHarry Reid International (LAS)can exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and 44 will be treated as they come due for electronicin Las Vegas regularly seesmost of that heat radiates into the boarding refurbishment in next 2 yearsCost Per Bridge: Similar to standard paint temperatures of more than 100bridges. We wanted not only more efficient degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer,preconditioned air units, which were Product: Super Therm, by SPI Coatings requiring significant energy to cool itslooking into, but it was Application Contractor: Southwest Specialtypassenger boarding bridges. The Clarkreally more about how Coatings Inc., sister company of Cor-Ray Painting County Department of Aviation, whichwe could reduce the Timeline: Application takes 710 days per bridge;operates LAS, has opted to have a reflectivecooling curve, if you will, coating is applied when bridge is taken out of serviceceramic coating applied to bridge exteriorsto get that temperature for electronic refurbishmentsto help keep the interiors more comfortabledown to better ambient Key Benefits: Reduces cooling time & energyfor passengers. The strategy will also savetemperatures, says consumption; improves passenger comfort; reducesenergy and prolong the life of the airportsDoug McMahan,DOUG McMAHANwear & tear on preconditioned air units; extends lifepreconditioned air units, as well as the jetmanaging director for of jet bridgesbridges themselves. Facilities and Maintenance with the Clark Associated SPI Coatings Products: EnamoCounty Department of Aviation. So, we Grip topcoat for sides of bridges; Enamo Grip 5000When temperatures at the southwest topcoat for rotating rotunda segments; Rust Gripdesert airport soar, the external surfacewanted to look at something innovative.corrosion protection for components showing signstemperature of its metal boarding bridges of rustOctober 2023AirportImprovement.com'