b'70 F82LIGHTINGdocumented instances, he explains. With this linear edge, you have a nice, clearly defined edge, and conventional points can mark entryways. You can install a line that effectively says, This is not an entryway. Or you can do a 90-degree two-light system, and the pilot then knows it is a safe entryway. The linear lights give a visual definition and depth not seen before.Scott Stauffer, co-founder of Luminaerospace, notes that the company expects to have FAA approval for its linear lights before the end of 2023.More Improvements UnderwayIn addition to recent airfield enhancements, the airport is also expanding its hangar network and adding amenities to attract more corporate traffic. Crews recently completed four new hangars and are in the midst of constructing two more. The new facilities augment the main 77,000-square-foot hangar, which is owned by ClearTech Aviation, the resident fixed base operator. Looking further ahead, infrastructure work is underway for an additional 13 corporate hangars When the project is all said Even the wind cone lights areand done, we estimate we will have 30 new hangars, Morrison LEDand only 43 watts total.reports.There are things you want to see on the runway,and things you dont.Runway Light Joint and CrackSealant SealantH.B. Fuller has the solution for both!Q-Seal 295-P606 - Runway Light Sealant Q-Seal 293-P605 - Joint and Crack Sealant Two-component, polyurethane sealantOne-component, moisture-curing silicone sealant Waterproof, weather & chemical resistantWeather & UV resistant seal 100% solids, zero VOCsCold-applied & self-leveling FAA P-606 compliantVery low modulus Elongation of 1000%Available in: 600-mL dual cartridges (12/case), 1,500-mL FAA P-605 compliantdual cartridges (8/case), 2 x 5-gal pail kits, 2 x 55-gal drum kits, and 2 x 275-gal tote kits Available in: 20-\x1f. oz. sausages (16/case), 29-\x1f. oz. cartridges (12/case),4.5-gal. pails, and 50-gal. drumsContact Ronnie at (502) 640-0162|Ronnie.Kerr@hbfuller.comor visit hbfuller.com to learn moreOctober 2023AirportImprovement.com'