b'LIGHTINGDAL23As a result, each light had to be installed at a specific location on aoutages and other electrical issues. It also tracks hours of usage. pole crossarm, as well as on a specific pole at a specific gate.On top of that, the airport can use the Musco website or Musco app That way, we know the light will be applied in the field like theto control lighting in various zones, Holland adds. They can remotely way it was designed in the modeling software, Holland says. turn lights on or off, or program them to dim at certain times.The new fixtures also include patented visors that help minimizeMoreover, the company monitors customers lighting systems 24 potential glare. hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes we know theres a After the lights were installed, Musco tested the light levels atlight outageand even what caused itbefore a customer knows each gate. about it, says Holland. That ensures everything matches up to the photometry (lightNoticeable Resultsmeasurements) we provided to Garver in the first place, As for DALs new lighting, Odiyeye says its literally a night-and-day Holland says. difference compared to the old system.Advanced Technology At night, it feels like youre standing in daylight, he remarks.The new Musco system includes a unique feature: an electrical- Carreno reports that the consensus among ramp workers, air components enclosure (control box) at the base of each pole thattraffic controllers and pilots is that the new apron lighting is a big contains the lights drivers, or power source. Holland explains that thisimprovement. greatly simplifies maintenance because workers can access the control boxes without using a boom lift or requiring the closure of an airline gate.Its helped us from a safety perspective, and weve also helped improve efficiency on ramps that are very busy, he adds. Its one We specifically designed a driver that can operate while somemore thing we no longer have to worry about as we move forward distance away from the fixtures, he explains. on our continued efforts to keep improving the airport. Each pole is also equipped with a wireless radio that monitors each LED fixture and automatically sends an alert for power Leading the Way in Apron LightingDallas Love Field(DAL)Scan the QR code or visitpromo.musco.com/dallas-loveto learn more.2023 Musco Sports Lighting, LLC - ADLAL23-5AirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'