b'36 YYZRUNWAYSmix included a general use Portland-limestone cement, whichRunway 06R-24L. Internal teams worked closely with Transport further reduced greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 10%Canada and NAV Canada to analyze effects on capacity; other compared to traditional general-use cements. primary focus areas were ensuring that phases were not too large, An on-site concrete batch plant reduced the amount ofdid not overlap and preserved full access to 06R-24L. Operational new concrete that had to be trucked into the project site, thusconstraints required Runway 06L-24R to have at least two rapid-decreasing associated greenhouse gas emissions. Paving crewsexit taxiways available in both landing directions at all times, which used machines that applied material in 12-meter-wide swaths (vs.also helped reduce occupancy time on 06R-24L. the industry standard of 6 meters). The team chose this strategyGTAA leaders selected a strategy with 11 phases and presented to condense the project timeline, decrease emissions and createthat plan to stakeholders for approval. Given the project scope a high-quality finish on the runway.and overall timeframe, there was much discussion about whether Approximately 1,800 incandescent lights from the old runwaywork should span one or two years. The more phases you add, were upgraded to LEDs, leading to a reduced carbon footprintthe longer the duration is going to be, and ultimately our goal was and lower operating costs. More than 25,000 meters (82,000 feet)trying to get this completed in one year, says Payter, reflecting the of new lighting cable was installed to support the new lights andAirside Coordination and Operations perspective. The project team 84 new directional signs that were installed.managed to expedite a few phases to make the timeline fit within the one-year period that GTAA requested. Planning and Predicting Our planning was not only focused on the runway project, Design and planning for the project occurred from 2020 throughPayter adds. We needed to ensure crane operations at early 2022. The lead design firm, Avia NG, developed severalneighboring projects like Bombardier, Woodbine Casino and hotel renditions of design plans, and Dufferin provided input regardingdevelopments did not impact our overall runway system.phasing strategies. GTAA leaders were presented with six differentBecause the 06L-24R project would also affect taxiways at concepts based on their goal to keep full access to the adjacentthe end of the runway, GTAA reduced runway slots from 90 Bringing You Infrastructure Solutions for Over 100 YearsHighways, Interchanges, Bridges, Tunnels, Airport, Rail, Marine, Construction Services.dufferinconstruction.comOctober 2023AirportImprovement.com'