b'DISASTER RECOVERYAPF53FACTS&FIGURES Project: Storm RecoveryLocation: Naples (FL) AirportAirport Owner: Naples Airport AuthorityStorm: Hurricane IanDate: Sept. 28, 2022Damage: All airfield lights & signs (approx. 1,200); NAVAIDScame to help. Essentially, APF was the onlyother electrical components such as signsImpact to Flight Operations: Emergency way to get resources in or out because theand NAVAIDS, due to lingering effects of thehelicopter operations remained open; other daytime areas main commercial airport, Southweststorm surge. operations resumed in 2 days; nighttime operations Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fortwere suspended for 14 daysAcross the airfield, basically anythingRecovery Timeline: Temporary repairs made Myers, and nearby Punta Gorda Airportthat saltwater touches begins to corrode (PGD) both remained closed. within first 2 weeks; full replacement of airfield immediately, Brown explains. Anylighting & NAVAID systems (due to corrosion) expected Another aspect of rescue efforts waselectronics that it gets into are pretty muchin 2-3 years dealing with pets on the loose after homesdoomed to failure. In their initial assessment,Repair Costs: $10 million-$12 millionand fences were destroyed. Once again, APFairfield maintenance crews found that allFunding Sources: Insurance; airport; possibly figured prominently because the Humanethe runway end identifier lights were out,FEMASociety, one of its tenants, was the only animaland only one set of precision approachImmediate Damage Assessment: Hanson shelter open in five surrounding counties.path indicators (PAPIs) was functioning. InProfessional Services Airport Authority staff helped the Humaneaddition, about 200 taxiway edge lights wereAssistance & Supplies to Restore Airfield Society evacuate more than 1,000 cats andflickering or not working at all.Lighting: Greater Orlando Airport Authority; Lake dogs to no-kill shelters in other states.The Airport Authority promptly reachedCharles Regional Airport; Martin County Airport; Port Employees also worked with communityout to Hanson Professional Services Inc.,Authority of New York & New Jersey; Savannah/Hilton Head Intl Airport; Southwest Florida Intl Airport; organizations to collect and deliver 18its on-call airport engineering consultant forSoutheast Airports Disaster Operations Grouppallets of supplies to Pine Island, a barriermore than a decade.Associated Recovery Projects: Replacing island that was cut off from the mainlandThe firm had specificelectrical vault; building door replacements; when Hurricane Ian destroyed theexperience to drawreplacing/raising gate motors above ground level connecting bridge.on, as it providedOngoing Evaluation for Long-term Repairs: assessment andHanson Professional ServicesAssessing the Damage recovery support atDesign of Replacement Airfield Lighting It quickly became apparent that the airportsAPF after HurricaneSystem: AVCON Inc.biggest problem was going to be unreliableIrma in SeptemberDesign & Permitting for Previous Drainage or completely inoperable airfield lighting and2017. Mike Harris, anMIKE HARRIS System Improvements: EG SolutionsAirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'