b'GROUND SUPPORTLAS 45Application Processthings correctly with the intricacies of getting in and out of the Crews apply Super Therm onto the roof and exterior sides of the jetairport property.bridges and also onto the rotating rotunda segments. Enamo Grip,Each boarding bridge takes about seven to 10 days to coat, and another product from SPI Coatings, is applied on the sides of thework is completed onsite at LAS. The only preparation for airport bridges as a topcoat, but the roofs do not need it, Cappel advises.personnel is extending the bridge to its full length so technicians Enamo Grip 5000 is used as a topcoat on the rotunda segments forcan work on the entire structure. Crews from Southwest Specialty added protection against the additional movement and wear. RustCoatings set up a barrier to protect the area around the jet bridge Grip, a corrosion protection coating from SPI Coatings, is applied toas they work. There is virtually no impact on travelers or airport any rails or other components showing signs of rust.operations. Applying Super Therm isnt as simple as spraying on a freshBarring extreme weather conditions or bonding problems during coat of paint, McMahan notes. The physical composition andapplication, Super Therm can last 25 to 30 years before it may viscosity of the material are unique, requiring special equipmentneed to be reapplied, says Cappel. When that time comes, a new and techniques. Contractors consequently need to be trained andlayer can be applied directly over the previous coating. certified by SPI Coatings to ensure quality and guarantee integrity of the product throughout its 10-year general product limitedEfficiencies and Benefitswarranty. SPI Coatings was definitely the firm that just knockedBecause it takes less time to cool coated bridges, the airports it out of the park for us, McMahan remarks. Their quality waspreconditioned air units will consume less energy and presumably phenomenal, and they stand behind their product. last longer because they are running for shorter periods of time. Naturally, coordination has been crucial during the phasedMoreover, the ceramic coating is expected to extend the life of the applications at LAS. We have to communicate well, so thebridges because it is thicker than regular paint, eliminates expansion [boarding bridge] is down for as minimal time as possible, saysand contraction of the metal structure and provides a buffer to Leavitt. Its really just sequencingmaking sure we scheduleeveryday wear and corrosion. CREATE IMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTSDirect view LED displays can blend entertainment and information to immerse travelers along their journey. Connect with our Daktronics airport team to learn how our technology enhances airport architecturelike a deep dive on an escalator ride.DAKTRONICS.COM/AIRPORTSAirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'