b'MOVIGEAR Now withCIP Safety is aTHE drive for baggage handling systems worldwide. trademark of ODVA, Inc.MOVIGEAR is the all-in-one decentralized mechatronic drive unit for horizontal material handling like airport baggage systems. It combinesthe gear unit, ultra-efficient motor, and onboard electronics in one highly efficient and hygienically designed unit.IE5 energy efficiencyMOVIGEAR delivers energy savings that often exceeds 50% compared totraditional gearmotors. This makes it possible to lower energy costs, andreduce heat and the connected load. LAX case studyFewer sparesLower inventory costsWith an overload capacity exceeding 300%, MOVIGEAR effortlessly handles breakaway torques that can cause other motors to buckle. Eliminating the need to oversize your drives, along with MOVIGEARs wide speed range, means fewer spares on the shelf, and even more cost savings. BHS drives PDFseweurodrive.com'