b' 34 virtual briefings to inform residents and elected officials about potential impacts and ongoing progress.Challenges MetDuring construction, contractors encountered supply chain issues for items such as LED fixtures due to the lingering effects of the pandemic. Everything that used to be six to eight weeks delivery was now 10 to 12 weeks, so we had to find workarounds, Bello recalls. While many other local projects experienced delays for cement and epoxy-based products, the runway rehabilitation at YYZ fared better because Dufferins parent company, CRH Group, also owns Ash GroveDelpatch Elastomeric ConcreteCement. We were able to control our own supply, Goddard explains. Because of ourPrimary Applications:relationship and our ownership, we were ablePartial Depth Spall Repair | Airfield Lighting Retrofitto mitigate some of that by being able to PermanentEasy source our own products. SafeFast In the end, early procurement and other FlexibleChemical Resistantmitigation measures allowed the project to DurableCost Effectiveremain on schedule. The teams also faced labor stoppages from truckers and demolition workers duringVisit our Website!the project. Our local 183 and 783 unionsCheck us out at dsbrown.comcame to a relatively fast solution, so that didnt have too much impact, Goddardcomments. But the local demolition unionDelasticPreformed Pavement Sealsended up going on strike for roughly three or four weeks, which put a pretty big hindrance on the demolition process ahead of us.Avia NG worked with Dufferin and stakeholders to find alternative methods for transporting materials to the work site and to mitigate the challenges of operating with one union still on strike. We actually had picketers at gates, so it created quite a bit of an impact on day-to-day operations, Bello recalls.Soil conditions at the project site posed a Meets FAA P604 ASTM D 2628 & CRD-C 548soggier type of hurdle. Crews encountered wet and unstable material during excavation.Longest Lasting Joint SealThis posed risks to the budget and, more Jet Fuel and Waterblast Resistant importantly, the schedule, Turavani recalls. Keeps FOD and Moisture out of the joints The project team worked collaboratively to Reduces Faulting determine a solution and provide direction to Reduces Joint Spalling the contractor nights, weekends or within the same business day to ensure the contractor was not delayed, she reports. Fortunately, suitable backfill material was available from on-site stockpiles at YYZ. dsbrown.com | 419-257-3561 | AirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'