b'30 SFORUNWAYS San Francisco Intl Expedites Projectto Repave Runway and Replace Lighting BY KRISTIN V. SHAWEarlier this year, San FranciscoIn late August, SFO was on track to have its International Airport (SFO) revealedbusiest summer since the pandemic began, FACTS&FIGURESplans to repave its shortest runway,and officials expect to serve a total of 46 Project: Runway Rehabilitation1L-19R, with new asphalt. Thats not unusual,million passengers by the end of this year. For because the airport regularly performs minorreference, annual passenger volume dropped Location: San Francisco Intl Airportroutine maintenance on its four runwaysfrom 57.48 million in 2019 to 16.42 million Runway: 1L-19R (7,650 ft. long, 200 ft. wide)combined with a full repaving every 10 to 12during the pandemic-plagued 2020. From Project Scope: Overlaying runway with newyears based on usage. It was simply 1L-19Rsall indications, SFO is well on its way backasphalt; replacing incandescent lights with LEDs;turn in the rotation. The unusual part is thatespecially during the summer tourist season.unplanned pavement improvements to adjacentthis time, the airport was planning to complete taxiwayWith that kind of passenger volume, taking the work in eight short weeks.a runway out of service for maintenance Cost: $48.5 millionFunding: $27.9 million from FAA grant; $20.6 millionThat meant crews had just over tworequires predictive analysis and precise from airportmonths to repave the equivalent of 23 footballexecution. The Runway 1L-19R project was fields, lay more than six miles of electricallaunched in 2021, and the design completed Timeline: Design completed in early 2022;cabling, install nearly 300 light fixtures andin early 2022. Preconstruction activities took construction contract awarded in Oct. 2022; preconstruction Oct. 2022-Feb. 2023; constructionstripe the runway with 1,000 gallons of paint.place between October 2022 and February March 2023-May 22, 2023The compressed timeline was dependent2023, and the runway closed on March 27, Materials: 1,700 truckloads of asphalt; 6.25 miles ofon dry weather and less airfield traffic, so2023, so construction could begin. In the end, electrical cabling; 350 light fixtures; 1,000 gallons ofthe airport team and its project partners1L-19R reopened on May 22, 2023, a few paint for runway markings scheduled work between the hectic winterdays ahead of schedule. Project Management: AECOM holidays and busy summer travel season.A lot of our runway General Contractor: Golden Gate Constructors It was difficult to find an easy time, as SFOprojects start two to Lighting Subcontractor: Royal Electric Co. is a major hub for United and Alaska Airlines,three years before Lighting Mfg: ADB SAFEGATE and home to more than 45 other carriers. Itswere ready to begin four runways and four terminals are once againconstruction, says SFO Key Benefits: Smoother pavement surface; saferbuzzing with activity as the airport recovers fromProject Manager Daniel takeoffs & landings; less energy & maintenancehistoric passenger lows caused by COVID-19.Lee. We phased runwayDANIEL LEErequired for new LEDs October 2023AirportImprovement.com'