b'RUNWAYSSTL9dependent on this comprehensive effort that involved engagingFACTS&FIGURES multiple stakeholders, evaluating several alternatives and then integrating FAAs Safety Risk Management (SRM) Comparative SafetyProject: Runway ReconstructionAssessment (CRA) process. Location: St. Louis Lambert IntlThe FAA-approved plan was then turned over to the design teamRunway: 12R-30Lin October 2021, to incorporate the geometric changes affectingScope: Removing & replacing large sections of existing pavement; narrowing entire taxiways connected to the runway. The final design plan wasrunway to 150 ft.; realigning & reconstructing intersecting taxiwayscompleted by April 2022, just in time for construction. We had fiveCost: $85 millionpeople working full time on this, and others part time, but we wereFunding: 75% FAA Airport Improvement Program grants; 25% local match able to complete the design process by our deadline, FranklinProject Management, Lead Design: Crawford, Murphy & Tilly reports.Prime Contractor: Millstone Weber Phase One, completed in fall 2022, consisted of reconstructing theConstruction Management: HR Greencenter 3,500 feet of the runway, between taxiways R and L. It alsoConstruction Management: Kwame Building Group involved reducing the width from 200 feet to 150 feet. The outer 50 feet of Runway 12R-30L that was ultimately to be removed remainedSignage & Lighting: Reinhold Electricin place during that first project. Asphalt Shoulders: West ContractingPhase Two, which is almost complete, involves realigning severalAsbestos Cleanup & Disposal: Global Environmentaltaxiways; reconstructing the eastern third of the runway; andAsbestos Testing: Professional Environmental Engineersnarrowing the width of the entire runway from 200 feet to 150 feet.Arresting Gear: Engineered Arresting Systems Corp. (now part of Curtiss-Wright)Runway 12R-30L was rebuilt in 1960 to accommodate an aircraftPavement Removal & Drainage: Bloomsdale Excavatingfleet mix that no longer exists, Beckmann explains. Most airports no longer have such wide runways. Striping: Tramar ContractingReducing the width of 12R-30L will, in turn, reduce overallLandscaping: Site Systems Landscapingpavement maintenance. In winter, it will reduce snow removal costsKey Benefits: Improved runway surface; all taxiways now align with runway at because crews will have a smaller footprint to clear. 90-degree angles; less maintenance cost due to decreased runway widthThe change also allows STL to adjust the geometry of every taxiway that intersects its busy main runway for better efficiency, safety and future growth. When I joined Lambert in the 1980s, the taxiways were slanted, Beckmann recalls. Basically, we wanted to square up all the taxiways at a 90-degree angle to the main runway, especially in the busy middle zone. This mostly affected taxiways Q, P and E. WHATS AT These taxiways are being rebuilt with a 17-inch base of new concrete on a 6-inch drainable layer, all on a 22-inch recycled PortlandTHE END OFCement Concrete base. Narrowing the runway and realigning several taxiways was an expensive and elaborate process, Franklin notes. A lot of electrical infrastructure had to be rearranged. There were several thousand feet of electrical lines, and the airports main fiber-optic cable had to be moved or shifted. We also had to replace infrastructure related to pavement condition sensors, glycol collection system and NAVAIDs. We had to work with several airport departments along with the FAA to accomplish that.YOUR The signage and lighting on the airfield runway itself had to be moved or replaced, she continues. Fortunately, we have good electrical engineers on our staff who helped us with the routing andRUNWAY?timetable for doing this.Asbestos in the AsphaltLEARN MOREOne significant challenge was removing the asphalt layer that was between other layers of concrete. Part of this airfield was built in the 1940s, and many overlay layers were added since then, Franklin explains. In the late 1960s to early 1970s, asphalt containingwww.runwaysafe.com | info@runwaysafe.comAirportImprovement.comOctober 2023'