b'16 YTZENVIRONMENTALmany options back in 2019 when he began looking. Eventually,effectively extinguishes Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires. In his quest led to Perimeter Solutions, a company with ICAOaddition, it proportions at a ratio of 3% foam to 97% water, Level B and C certified fluorine-free foam concentrates.which worked with the airports existing Oshkosh Striker Initially there was a big gap infirefighting vehicles. performance between legacy PFAS- The product has a 30- to 40-minute drain time, so it containing formulations and new fluorine- suppresses vapors; but its still better for the environment, adds free formulations, explains Mark Siem,Siem. The foam degrades and breaks down in less than 90 head of business development and adays, so there is no long-term effect of the product when its chemist for Perimeter Solutions. There wasdischarged, he explains. There are short-term issues because a gap in extinguishment, burn back andthe environment has to deal with any kind of discharge, but sealability times. But over the last few years,MARK SIEM its biodegradability ensures it doesnt have any longer-term fluorine-free foams have gotten a lot better,issues. Compare that to PFAS, which doesnt break down for especially for jet fuel fires.thousands of years. Smith is in agreement about the improved performance, and notes that more brands of fluorine-free options are nowTap Manufacturers for Helpavailable, including BIOEX and National Foam. But at the time,Siem and Smith both stress the importance of involving ARFF Perimeter Solutions had the only product that provided thetruck manufacturers when selecting foam.documentation and technical support I needed to make theWhether its fluorine-free foam or AFFF, you always want to transition happen, he recalls.make sure that the proportioning equipment works correctly on Smith explains that SOLBERG RE-HEALING RF3 wasthe trucks, says Siem. Thats what puts the foam concentrate selected for use at YTZ because the environmentally sustainableinto the water stream to make the foam solution. You want to fluorosurfactant- and fluoropolymer-free foam concentratemake sure thats accurate, or the foam wont be as effective.IS YOUR BUSINESS IMAGEEVERYTHING IT COULD BE?Faster, Greener, Cleaner The Cyclone DifferenceFaster!Within the Cyclone head, up to 24 sapphire-tipped spray nozles, mounted to high sped rotating arms, blast the surface with ultra-high presure water in a swirling vortex at 140 mphequivalent to a category 4 cyclone. As the surface is being cleaned, and deposits removed, the multi-patented Cyclone simultaneously recovers the waste waterwith no vacuum.Greener!Cyclone Technologys advanced design utilizes up to 50% les fresh water with 20% lower fuel consumption while 95% of wastewater is recovered instantly. The on-board waste tank separates solid waste through a 160 micron biodegradable liner. The entire process uses only fresh waterno chemicals!ure water blastingBefore and After. CY210 is The combination of ultra-high preswith the Cyclone vortex provides exceptional cleaning while causingshown in this ilustration. Cleaner!no damage to your surface.CY210 Behind for areas requiringeithWalk- verability; usd wmore maneu me R500 or other trailer s. s that the T t requirementBecker 505 specializes in marketing and design for the aviation industry. Let us create your corporate identity, TR5500 ed with the CY210 its ideal When us bs and hard to reach areas. for small jo 1/16/15 4:31 PMadvertisements and marketing campaigns so you can get PerviousAd_V5.indd 2back to what you do bestrunning your business!CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE AND CONSULTATIONINFO@BECKER505.COM|608.205.2788|BECKER505.COMOctober 2023AirportImprovement.com'