b'60 RDURAMPSConstruction work began in 2019 but was suspended moreHorizontal work at airports has historically been contracted than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.as design-bid-build projects, but RDU opted to include the West Remain Overnight Apron Project in a bundle of projects it solicited construction manager-at-risk firms for. Selection was based on qualifications, and Balfour Beatty was named the construction manager-at-risk for the apron project before the subsequent bid process began. As the contract manager, Balfour Beatty solicited bids and gave RDU a guaranteed maximum price that included contingency items. If there were design or oversight changes that had to happen in the field or contractor changes, a lot of that was already included inside that allowance, Little explains.Sandifer is notably pleased with how the delivery method worked for RDU. I have been doing projects at airports going Built-In Flexibilityon 37 years, and the construction manager-at-risk method of In retrospect, Little says that necessary changes (such ascontracting has worked very effectively for us, not only on the switching to a different type of cement) were more palatable forairfield, but in other locations, he remarks. You get the benefit RDU because it used the construction manager at-risk contractof selecting a construction manager based on qualifications delivery method for this project. The advantages were especiallyand experience with the project. Once you hire the construction pronounced when restarting construction, she adds.manager, all the work gets bid with first-tier subcontractors, so When theres a lot on the linePaint equipment built to optimize time, money, and safety. Contract #080521-EZL 1920 Albany Place SEOrange City, IA, 51041(800) 373-4016sales@ezliner.comezliner.comOctober 2023AirportImprovement.com'