b'44 LASGROUND SUPPORTPHOTO: SOUTHWEST SPECIALTY COATINGS INC We try to take advantage of when those bridges are going to be closed anyways, McMahan explains. So far, crews have coated approximately 70 jet bridges; the remaining 44 will be coated over the next two years as they come due for other refurbishment. McMahan notes that the cost is about the same as repainting bridges with a standard paint product. Its obviously well worth that for the benefits we derive, he says. The reflective ceramic coating helps drop the interior temperature of the jet bridges to within three or four degrees of the ambient air temperature, but that is still quite hot many days. Usually on the inside of a metal shell like that, it can climb up to 130 or 140 degrees easily, says Justin Leavitt, operations managerJUSTIN LEAVITTat Southwest Specialty Coatings. In general, travelers are unlikely to notice the temperature on a jet bridge unless its extremely hot or cold. If passengers at LAS dont notice extreme heat, that indicates the coating is doing its job. Even though they may be walking through and The new coating reflects rather than absorbs heat from the sun.not even realize it, its more comfortable, Leavitt notes.ITS NOT JUST PAINT!Do you want to cool your jetways? We have a solution!Ceramic-based coating applied to exteriorof jetway to block solar radiational heat load Coating prevents surfaces from absorbing heat from the sun and keeps the surface cool throughout the yearBlocks and repels about 95% of solar radiational heat load (heat from the sun) and maintains an exterior surface temperature within approximately 5 F of ambient air temperature, according to the manufacturers representative Timothy Cappel Helps reduce energy costs and keeps jetways comfortable for passengers Coating is UL tested and approved with a 30-year lifespan with less than 10% reduction in effectivenessCOR-RAY PAINTING/SOUTHWEST SPECIALTY COATINGSA sister company of Cor-Ray Painting located in Las Vegas, NevadaFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT:JUSTIN LEAVITTjleavitt@southwestsc.com|702.807.9732 | MADDIE ELLIOTTmelliott@corraypainting.com|562.204.9318October 2023AirportImprovement.com'