b'10 YSB WINTER OPERATIONSThe plow design helps reduce fuel consumption because fi ve plow trucks from International and Airport Technologies equipment operators make fewer passes. Some customers tell one Giletta multi-purpose sander that spreads dry and wet us that Live Edge reduces their fuel consumption by 3% to 5%sand or liquidscompared to a conventional straight blade, Whittemore reports. one 50-foot boom trailer made by Tyler Ice Controls for It can replace three smaller conventional plows. spraying liquid chemicals, and MaxxPro units are also equipped with slip-hitches that allowone tow-behind unit built by Western Products for spreading the entire plow to ride up and down 6 inches, so there is lesssolid chemicals. damaging friction between the plow and surfaces it is clearing, The equipment is operated by three five-person crews that he adds.provide 20 hours of coverage per day. When needed, the airport In addition to the MaxxPro units from Metal Pless, the airportsignificantly increases its ranks with up to nine seasonal workers. uses three plows from Craig Manufacturing Ltd. and HLA Snow. Each seasonal employee is trained to operate nearly every piece of snow removal equipment, Rocca notes.Equipped for ProductivityNaturally, it takes more than plows to handle Ontarios heavyIn addition to providing year-round equipment training, the airports snowfall. YSB also operates: full-time trainer supervises operations. That person also handles assessments throughout the year, says Rocca. So if anything is four brooms manufactured by M-B Companies and Paladinlacking, we can immediately address it to keep work going.Attachments two wheel loaders built by Case and John Deere To enhance operations, the airport also employs two mechanics. two J.A. Larue snowblowersThey do the major prep during summer months leading up to one 20-foot cradle broom built by M-B Companies the winter season, Rocca says. And they maintain the equipment throughout the winter.two large multi-use tractors, made by Eagle CLAAS and New Holland, which can be used as plows or blowers MAXXPROmetalpless.com- 1 866 362.1688 -March | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'