b'16 TIJ FACILITIESthe routes and controls also helps to reduce this situation ofThe construction phase was carried out by Mexican companies concern of the users. Although some understand airports asSandstorm GAM (foundation piles), Grupo Recal (structure), GIA processing machines, we always like to consider the people who(masonry, finishing and hydro-sanitary installations), Constructa use them, and [therefore] enhance all the intensity and beauty(aluminum works and panels), Impulsora Elctrica de los Altos that is generated through generous and intentional spaces that(electrical installations), Johnson & Johnson Mexico (HVAC), Otis de generate amplitude and relief. Mxico (passenger lifting equipment) and Thyssen Mxico (moving The Transit Processing Building also includes offices forwalkways), among others. personnel who support the CrossBorder Xpress terminal.All these world-class professionals managed to design and build this one-of-a-kind building in the world, says Vallarino.International TeamAlejandro Vallarino Marusich, chief infrastructureMore Growth Expectedofficer of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacfico, notesWhen the transborder pedestrian bridge opened in late 2015, TIJ that the project was unique because it broughtessentially became a binational port of entry. Back then, TIJ served together an international group of high-levelabout 5 million annual passengers. By 2021, end-of-year figures specialists throughout its three different phases. showed the airport served nearly 10 million passengersand officials While the architect for the conceptualexpect that number to continue climbing. The 100% increase in stage was Carlos Lamela of Estudio Lamelatraffic was mainly because of the bridge, because we offer a very in Spain, the executive development involvedALEJANDRO VALLARINO MARUSICH seamless process, says Martnez Snchez. There are a lot of people WPS contracting with Mexico City Architect Juan Pablo Serranocrossing the bridge and going to San Diego and vice versa.(Serrano + Monjaraz). They executed the architectural componentMoreover, he notes that flying into TIJ and crossing the bridge and consolidated the digital design through building informationtends to be less expensive than flying into San Diego International modeling into a LOD 350 model, explains Vallarino. (SAN) or Los Angeles International (LAX). After London Gatwick, March | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'