b'FACILITIESSJC 71Jennings notes that many airport play areas only have climbingJennings advises other airports interested activities, but SJCs space offers much more. Were trying toin building a play space, or even just adding engage kids with their full bodies and give them an experience anda single exhibit, to reach out to childrens information about things that fly, she stresses.museums in their communities. We are the Combining science with arts and culture is another projectlocal experts about how to create engaging hallmark. For example, the destination scenes for the alphabetactivities for kids that dont require staff airplane exhibit were created by five visual artists contracted byfacilitation, she says. Hopefully it becomes a the museum. As a result, children are exposed to quality artworktrend. JESSE OSBURNwhile practicing the alphabet and experiencing the physics of howFinally, Day encourages other airports not a window shade works. to let space constraints spoil the fun. With the right team, just 600 Personnel from Zoom were engaged in early planning andsquare feet can become a big attraction for small children and their families.ideation for the space, including helping to021622-airportimprovementad.pdf 1 2/16/2022 2:16:00 PMdecide which of the early concepts (like the bird climber) would be used. The companys brand team also designed the Zoom Zone logo and consulted on plans. Rave ReviewsThe new play area is proving to be a success on many fronts. During a recent trip, a public relations specialist with Zoom noticed that it is even popular at 6:00 a.m. Parents were resting on the bench while their young children explored the plane windows and climbed on the bird feature, reports Beth McLaughlin.When two exhibits teams from the museum came to the airport in December 2021, they received overwhelmingly positive feedback from families using the new play area. The airport has also heard glowing commentsfrom travelers with and without children.CApparently, everyone appreciates youngM April 25 - 28, 2022//Kansas City, MOpassengers working off energy before theyY Loews Kansas City Hotelhop on an airplane. CMIn turn, SJC gives rave reviews to its donors MY ACI-NAs Airports@Work Conference brings and partners. Day notes that the project would not have been accomplished without HenselCY together the most complex facets of airport Phelps. They really brought a lot to the table, CMY operationssafety, security, environment, she remarks. I cant say enough about them,K technology, and planningfor a collaborative as they were wonderful. Geis, from Zoom, was similarly struck bydiscussion about todays challenges and the way the airport, museum and projecttomorrows opportunities.partners rallied around the common cause of building a childrens play space. This is aRegister by March 21 to take advantage really beautiful example of companies comingof early bird rates!together to support a community initiative, and it took cooperation on many levels to make it happen, she reflects. Hensel Phelps Project Manager Jesse Osburn credits Day at SJC for partnering with Childrens Discovery Museum, whichLearn more about the specializes in educational play spaces.2022 Airports@Work Conference at That gave the team a huge advantage, hewww.airportscouncil.org/aw comments. AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'