b'WINTER OPERATIONSYSB 11All winter operations equipment, materials and chemicals are stored indoors in three steel buildings. One of the facilities alsoBlade edges that conform to uneven surfaces reduce the need for subsequent brooming and salting.serves as a maintenance building, with six double-deep service bays, emergency services and offices. Changing Weather Winter operations at YSB have been especially challenging the past few years, due to dramatically different weather patterns.The weather has been cycling from deep cold to almost zero, Tyrer explains. Well have three to four days of bitter cold followed by a warmer day, and then go right back into a deep freeze. That creates different icing conditions.Years ago, when winter started, it got cold and then progressively colder, he continues. Wed hit a deep freeze in January, and then it would progressively start to thaw up until March. Now, its a continual freeze-thaw cycle.Emerging TrendTyrer and Rocca predict that moving forward, the airportsmanner and more efficiently. Youre running fewer passes and investments in new snow removal equipment will continue tofewer operators.center on larger pieces. A good example is the recently purchasedPersonnel at Team Eagle and other equipment distributors 20-foot M-B cradle broom. consider YSBs purchasing strategy part of a growing industry-Thats where we need to be in the future, Rocca says. Thewide trend. Were starting to see a move toward doing bigger brooms allow us to clean the runways in a more timelymore with less personnel, a trend accelerated by COVID-19, IS YOUR BUSINESS IMAGEEVERYTHING IT COULD BE?Faster, Greener, Cleaner The Cyclone DifferenceFaster!Within the Cyclone head, up to 24 sapphire-tipped spray nozles, mounted to high sped rotating arms, blast the surface with ultra-high presure water in a swirling vortex at 140 mphequivalent to a category 4 cyclone. As the surface is being cleaned, and deposits removed, the multi-patented Cyclone simultaneously recovers the waste waterwith no vacuum.Greener!Cyclone Technologys advanced design utilizes up to 50% les fresh water with 20% lower fuel consumption while 95% of wastewater is recovered instantly. The on-board waste tank separates solid waste through a 160 micron biodegradable liner. The entire process uses only fresh waterno chemicals!ure water blastingBefore and After. CY210 is The combination of ultra-high preswith the Cyclone vortex provides exceptional cleaning while causingshown in this ilustration. Cleaner!no damage to your surface.New GK 5 Becker 505 specializes in marketing and design for the CY210 Behind for areas requiringeithWalk- verability; usd wmore maneu R500 or other trailer s. s that the T met requirementaviation industry. Let us create your corporate identity, TR5500 ed with the CY210 its ideal with hardened poly inserts advertisements and marketing campaigns so you can get When us bs and hard to reach areas. for small jo 1/16/15 4:31 PMPerviousAd_V5.indd 2to protect in pavement lights back to what you do bestrunning your business!Kueper North America, LLC | www.kueperblades.com843-723-7361 | info@kueperblades.comIn pavement light mounting and operation must comply with FAA Advisory Circu-lar 150/5345-46 Specification for Runway and Taxiway Light Fixtures 03/02/2016 in order to use Kueper Plow Blades. CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE AND CONSULTATIONINFO@BECKER505.COM|608.205.2788|BECKER505.COMAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'